Nightly Candy’s Has Her Own MOVIE MOMENT!!!!

Posted on January 12, 2009


Evening Y’all

I hope you all are enjoying the last bits of the weekend! I know I sure did. I am soo amped for the Golden Globes! It is every fashionistas dreams to see those gowns walk down the carpet of red! I am particularly excited to see what my girl Angelina will be busting. Her choice for the Critics Choice Awards was regal! Stunning! A PLUS! But of course you already know, I think Angie can do know wrong!

 The papzis hardly concentrated on anyone else at the ceremony, but just in case you did not catch it a glimpse of our darling Angie and gorgeous Brad, here you go!

critics_choice_awards_red_carpet_photos_5000x0400x600Ahh… the darling couple!!!

So you know my TIVO is already set!!

Speaking of the movies… and the title of this blog post.. I wanted to share something with you all.

This is hilarious.. well at least it is to me. It is my hearts content to be on the silver screen in a major role someday very soon.

Until that day is here, I decided to have myself a little fun!



Take a  look at my hilarious movie moment from one of my favorite films, “The Princess Bride”.

Nightly Candy with Nana-Adwoa\’s MOVIE MOMENT


Unfortunately this technology is not so hot for person’s a darker persuasion, but I can work with it for now, I have no choice do I?

 This is one of those activities for the person who LOVES to entertain themselves! I highly recommend it!

Okay kids..try it out for yourselves and I’ll be back really soon!

Night Night