Sheree is Set for Court on Monday to BEG for her 7 Figures.. Will She Get Them? I Don’t Think So…

Posted on January 12, 2009


Bonsoiree Les Amis

As we creep closer and closer into Monday morning, I had a piece of information for you Real Housewives of Atlanta fans…

Looks like Sheree is finally going to get her day in court to plead for her seven figures!

100109447_10282008-rhatlwhitfield02Sheree just WONT give up !

According to an article in the Atlanta Journal- Constitution Whitfield who has filed for divorce from Ex Atlanta Falcons NFL star Bob Whitfield had appealed to the Atlanta Supreme Court to get more $$$$$

The lesser court had awarded her a settlement that that gold digging Sheree just was not happy with. This is what this chick currently gets from Bob. 

$113,422 per year which is GREAT for most people, but you know Sheree can’t live off of that and pretend like she is a ballar on the Real Housewives. In addition to the yearly check, she received a lump sum of $775,000 and shares of Bob’s retirement pension, nearly half of the property that they shared as man and wife AND in additional to all of that, child support for their two children. 

WOW…… any humble person would totally be satisified with that. Since it costs so much money to even go to court, with courts fees, attorneys fees, etc.. BUT NO..

Sheree has proved herself to be a certified gold digger!!

She has paid her lawyers to paint her as a defenseless and incompetent woman who only holds a high school diploma, incapable of working and making a living on her own. She should be SLAPPED on each cheek for conjuring up that type of LAME and EMBARRASSING defense for herself.

Sheree would do anything to stay in her $2.6 Million dollar home and keep the appearance that she is above everyone else. 

In the infamous words of NeNe… 


“HOW small of YOU?”

This whole situation is just SICK, and I believe that the judge will just throw the book at her and her pathetic legal team and tell them to stop wasting everybody’s time.

Sheree, a word of advice: Get your GED and find a trade or skill. Like a medical assistant or message therapy? For goodness sake it is 2009! You can’t be serious about using that excuse that you”can’t make money” on your own. We ‘AINT buying it.

I’ll keep you all posted of the developments as I hear of them…

Until next time…


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