My Mouth Is Still Open… She by Sheree is Showing At New York Fashion Week.. Whaaat??

Posted on January 14, 2009


Good Evening Y’all

I was on my way to call it an early night for me (which is in bed before 4am) when I stumbled across this story and my mouth has been straight open for about 30 minutes. I am soo appalled I just can’t shut it.

WOW!! I cannot believe it! I read it on- line in the New York Post (which is not the most credible of news sources, I can say that with confidence because I used to work for them) BUT it came from Page Six who usually has their ducks in a row, because they have been threatened to be sued a million times. 

That gold-digging, no talent, Sheree found someone desperate enough for some cash to design a line for her and is so anxious to “prove” herself, so she is showing the collection at New York Fashion Week next month.

OH MY GOODNESS… this is a sham that I just HAVE TO SEE for myself.

20090112_sheree_250x375You’ve got to be kidding me Sheree??

Instead of holding onto her ducats just in case the Atlanta Supreme Court throws her appeal right back in her face, she is throwing thousands of dollars to have her pathetic line be shown at Bryant Park? It just doesn’t make sense. I’ve worked the tents at Bryant Park, and it is not a place for brand new designers. It is a very expensive place for well known, well connected designers with a global audience show off their new threads to catch the attention of the press and buyers. I can assure you that the press is going to have a FIELD DAY ripping “She by Sheree” a new one. I mean it’s like she wants to be demeaned and ridiculed.

 Everyone saw that not even less than a year ago that Sheree had NO CLUE how to even start a fashion line. So the fact you she will be showing at such a prestigious place as Bryant Park means only one thing, she paid a real designer A LOT of $$$ to do everything for her.

Tsk.. Tsk… Tsk… Oh Sheree..

I actually am feeling bad for her….. but like a train wreck that she has proved herself to be.. I cannot wait to watch this debacle.

No wonder why really talented designers like Vera Wang and Betsey Johnson are opting out of the tents this year. I wouldn’t want to be in the same pool with a fashion nightmare like “She by Sheree”

I make my way into the tents every season. If this show actually is to go on, I will force my way in that tent WHATEVER it takes! I will snap to pics to post for you all, so we all can share a good yuck together.


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