Nightly Candy’s Golden Globe Fashion Faves and Frowns

Posted on January 15, 2009


Good  Evening my Nightly Candy Family

I feel like the week has just BLOWN by hasn’t it? Well I don’t know about you all, but I am still in awe over those Golden Globes! For a fashionista and aspiring actress, it is a drool fest. I watch those award shows and just visualize myself sitting right there next to Hollywood royalty as I hear my name being called up  and Javier Bardem announces “and the winner is……” ahhhh that dream will play on this mind until it manifests.

Well besides my daydreaming about my own future endeavors, I am also daydreaming about those mouth watering gowns. This year these ladies were NOT joking around! Last years show was cancelled due to the strike, so this year the women of Hollywood wanted to make sure that they were coming out on top! In my fashion opinion some of them made the mark, but of course a lot of them dropped BOMBS over BAGHDAD… EEEKS… (that’s one of my favorite Outkast songs of all time) let’s take  listen as I make a little mockery at these ladies who even with their access to millions still can’t seem to pull together a look that works for them.. 

Aye Yi Yi




ggmostinappropriate000x0400x400please spare us.. please…

Marc Anthony must have been hopped up on Vicodin and that is why he was incapable of telling his wife she should wear something else. It was SO NOT  cool to leave the house looking like this girl.  Now if you have ho-ish tendencies then you will totally think this dress is hot! But I’m entitled in my opinion, it looks like one of those gowns you could pick up at Deb’s at mall in the tiny suburban town where I grew up, to get ready for a night of drunken debauchery!

The hilarious thing is that this gown was probably $10,000 dollars or more. J Ho didn’t stop at 10K though. She reportedly bought out all of the gowns at Marchesa so that she would be the only one at the GG’s with a gown from this designer. But OOOPSS… She didn’t bank of Miley Cirus pulling her rank!

normalize_jpegjhtmlbaby girl pulled a fast one on J.Ho… at least she ended up looking like a lady and not  a tramp

She was able to squeeze one more out of the high fashion designer. HA HA HA  J. HO. You got served by an a 10 year old with a split personality disorder.. 

BOMB # 2

Rene Zellweger

I’ve always found her to bit off her rocker in interviews and I have NEVER been a fan of her acting. Quite frankly, I don’t know what the hell she was even doing there to be honest. I think that Carolina Hererra is a goddess of fashion, but she should have pretended she was NOT HOME or in the STUDIO when Rene called her for an appointment. 

disaster000x0374x640MY goodness..her hair and makeup person must REALLY not like her..

It literally looked as if Rene had passed out after knocking a couple shots back, and woke up and shoved herself in this dress and hopped a cab to the Awards… Two words, one great meaning…


Unfortunately a lot of critics were ripping on the dress, it’s not the dresses fault AT ALL. I love the dress actually. The sheer top is so chic and so on trend for the season. The Mermaid skirt is also a highlight on the runway. Another woman could have totally knocked it out of the park in this dress… but it was not  for that disaster Renee. Designers PLEASE take note… you can’t just let anyone in Hollywood adorn your threads.. 

BOMB # 3

Christina Appelgate in beer piss colored gown..


Christina Applegate

So OVER her, so OVER this gown…

This gown reminded me of first year design school at Parsons, final project. No one knew what the hell they were doing. Ick ….the tucking on the skirt is sloppy and disjointed, and the bodice seems to not fit her well at all. But really what gets me is that color… How could this translucent skinned lady look at this color and say “Oh Yes.. that’s the one!”


Oh and another tidbit, I think that show “Samantha Who” is  so “Samantha Sucks”… it’s a super snore. I would only watch if someone paid me, or was punished and forced to watch it.

okay enough of the losers of that night… I could go on and on…

let’s talk about the highlights…

Who was responsible for bringing SEXY back to the globes.. 

I’ll tell you who

Of course…. First in line.. is BRANGELINA

They both looked STUNNING…

Hmmm mmm mmmmmmmm.. You all KNOW how much I love my BP!! and you too Angie..

zzj8m0w1x_cqh0k000x0570x912Brad in Tom Ford is gorgeous and Angelina looks like a goddess.. as USUAL

I prefer COLOR , but  Angie hit the nail on the head with this glimmering Atelier Versace floor length gown. Even though it graced the floor, we knew she was rocking those Jimmy Choos! This was a classic and timeless chic piece that works in the now, or 20 years from now. In my opinion Brangelina always gets it right on the red carpet! It shows because all the cameras were GLUED to them flashing lights ALL NIGHT LONG!

2nd in the “Bringing Sexy Back” line up

Eva Longoria 

Actress Eva Longoria Parker arrives at the 66th Annual Golden GlNow that is what I am talking about! Fits her like a GLOVE from the root to the tip!

Reem Acra is one of the most fashion forward evening and bridal wear designers out there. The one thing I love about Eva Longoria is that she knows what works for her body, which is first and foremost for an A list celeb. She should teach a class to her fellow Latina J. Ho!

Last but most certainly not LEAST… The amazing Demi Moore..


8000x0374x600This is the hottest MILF in Hollywood hands DOWN

WOW!! I mean I have to get up from the computer and give this woman a standing O!!!!!!

46 and FABULOUS!! God bless her!! She looks ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS is this Dior halter gown drenched in Cartier diamonds. The gown fit her amazingly sculpted body to a T.. My goodness though she deserved a better looking escort though. I am such a fan of Ashton, but my goodness he looked Scruff McRrrrrrrough that night. Maybe he had been up all night with the baby. Speaking of baby…. did she really have one? I have NEVER EVER seen any picture of them even carting the little tyke anywhere… Hmm that’s one for another post. Nevertheless, she looked fantastic! Keep dazzling Ms. Moore!! She’s like a fine French wine! Getting better with age!!

Oh la la la la lalla lalala la

Well, kids of course I could go on and on about these fashion dos and don’ts, but I don’t have all night. Plus I’ve got to save some for the Oscars!! 

I’ll catch you on the flip-side! Until that time..

Night Night




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