Ann Coulter is a Hate Spewing Publicity Queen..

Posted on January 17, 2009


Happy Friday and Good Evening to my Nightly Candy Family..

I trust that we have already jump started the weekend with a bang!! I for one am having a fabulous time! I thank the LAWD above for the Heaven sent IPhone, because I can blog whenever, wherever! Although I am in transit right now, I thought it would be a good time to unleash some inner angst about  Ann Coulter.

ann_coulterLawd she sure is a FRIGHT!!!

When will she just shrivel up and GO AWAY? What a country we are that we have such tolerance for a wide spectrum of smut. Can we ban together and agree that this mannish wretch has had enough of our airtime please? Let’s give the platform to someone who can at least articulate their racist, fascist , ideologies.

There is one thing I really cannot stand, (actually there are several things) but one thing that’s at the top of my list is a woman who has the chance to be on television but is incapable of articulating herself. I hate to see women look stupid. It’s hard enough having these lady parts, but when a woman has a worldwide stage like the tube, and she blows it by sounding like a fool, it really (as Peter Griffin on Family Guy said in one episode) “Grinds my Gears!”

family-guy-peter-griffin8This wretched woman is just full of hot air and a well hidden Adam’s Apple. NOTHING she has to say is pertinent or relevant to the issues that this society is currently facing. Yet she finds a way to get her wiry self on television to spew her ridiculous rants of  racism, sexism, and good all fashion close minded crap!

In her new book “Guilty” Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America Coulter goes on a triad pointing her bony fingers at every liberal politician, celebrity, and human who has ever walked the earth practically. She even takes a stab at Single Mothers. 

She gathered up some stupid “facts” about how the downfall of the world can be blamed on the fact mother’s are raising children on their own in ALARMING rates… . As if raising a child on your own is the preferred choice of child rearing Ann?????

What gives one the right to have an opinion of motherhood, marriage, or relationships when you have failed to produce  ZERO PERCENT of any of the above? Actually I might add that it’s a blessing in Ann’s case! According to Wikipedia, Ann has been “engaged” several times but never married. Can you blame any dude from coming to his senses and running from “to death till us part” from Ann Coulter?? That’s like a jail sentence without the chance of parole. Who the hell would willingly sign up for that.? What man would want that skinny stack of heartless bones for a wife?  And children?? Please Ann with your insane views on the world, do us all a favor and keep up those cobwebs in your womb. You have NO BUSINESS reproducing.

On The View this past week, those gals (who I think are all annoying except for Whoopi) must have had acid in their Christmas coffee mugs when they agreed to have this wretch on the show.  When the gang asked her what her deal was about single Mom’s. This is what the “woman” had to say.


It’s the new thing, as opposed to the sex tape,” Ann said of single moms. “Hollywood, mainstream media, the New York Times, women’s magazines, exalting single motherhood, movie after movie about single motherhood, book after book, sisters are doing it for themselves.” 

Whoopi stopped Ann’s rampage against single moms, asking, “Are you married? Do you have kids?”

“No, but it wouldn’t change the difference of the facts I cite ,” Ann said, referring to the claims she makes in her book.

“Well, it would,” Whoopi countered. “If you had children, you would know more of what you’re talking about.”

Ewwwee she is just so pathetic, it’s not even fun to make fun of her anymore. It’s so old like her wrinkly translucent skin and sunken cheeks.

ann-coulter-imageI think I see a little Adam’s Apple Action going on in this pic


For some laughs I’ve enclosed the 8 minutes of torture it must have been for the ladies and the audience of  The View. She was just a hot mess on that show. She just couldn’t defend herself or her views. She sounded like she was in High School. You would think with a pair of balls she would at least fight like the barracuda she is for what she believes in!


Take a look and PROMISE to boycott this insane woman! Join me in SHUTTING her and people like her (i.e disgusting Sean Hannity) DOWN!


I’ve spent way to many words on this wretched of the earth woman. I feel like a need another shower, that’s how gross I feel after talking about her. This made me feel a whole lot better though.


Until then… I’ll catch you on the Flipside..


Night Night