Matt Lauer Proves Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt That Ann Coulter Can Dish It, But Can’t Take It

Posted on January 19, 2009


Evening Y’all

I decided that I hadn’t quite purged all of my sentiments regarding Ann Coulter, so here is part two.

 Actually I was inspired by the insane comment of a Right Wing Racist who left the funniest comment on my blog today.  I have no idea why these people want to even waste their time reading my blog, if it makes their blood boil so much that I am a bleeding liberal. But you know what, it actually gives me a bit of a thrill knowing that my post about Ann Coulter really grind their gears…

One deranged Right Winger wrote me a ridiculous comment in defense of the Spawn of Satan, stating that the reason why she was a bumbling idiot on her appearance on “The View” was because “they kept interrupting her” waaaahh waaaah waaah. That is no excuse for sounding like a complete and total fool on national TV. If  if what you stand for is a pile of smoking dog feces, you should be able to defend yourself without sounding a blabbering school kid on the playground. If you are an accomplished and intelligent speaker, I don’t care who you are up against, you will get your point across eloquently and with supreme articulation. That is if you are not Ann Coulter. She had the audacity to reference Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” to Barbara Walters on the show saying that Barbara had read excerpts of her book on an earlier  show like she was reading Hitler’s book. How many vile things are wrong with that statement? I just don’t have the time or desire to count the ways. I will respond with this. At least in all of the public speaking engagements that I have seen of Hitlers, he wasn’t st-st-st-stuttering like an idiot, like Ms. Coulter is on camera.

Speaking of Hitler, here is a HILARIOUS cartoon that depicts just how hilarious I find the Spawn to be. Sometimes animation can be such a great way to communicate the sentiments of the popular vote!

There was another point (if you can call it that) that this  Right Wing Racist  made in their assinine comment. They stated it does not matter if Ann Coulter has a barren womb and has no prospects of a husband or children, because somehow “the facts” prove her right. Ummmm what facts is she stating in that book? If you have one iota of intelligence, we ALL KNOW that FACTS can be shifted, and altered, and geared towards any side of an argument. For example if we were to engage in a discussion about whether  being gay happens either by nature or nurture, we could all find “facts”backed up with percentages by credible institutions that would support BOTH sides of the argument. So PLEASE, don’t come at with the notion that  her facts in her stupid book are proof that her words have merit. They mean NOTHING!! I could find you facts that could discredit her facts i a heart beat, then what would Coulter have to say?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  Don’t be a lamb, and follow the fledgling herd so easily.

The truth is. Plain and simple:  the Right Wing Radical Agenda is DEAD.

PERIOD.. I know they don’t want to face it .. There is an intelligent, insightful, BLACK MAN about to take office that MILLIONS of AMERICANS voted for.. I know it burns your soul to accept it. But if you don’t like it, please feel free to MOVE far, far, AWAY. It’s not  going to go away by shutting yours ears and referring to Obama as B. Hussein or the term that was used in my comment by the Racist Right Winger , Obama The Anti-Christ. That was is so hilarious to me. When I showed it to my friends we all had a great belly laugh for about 10-15 minutes. I totally don’t even have to work out tomorrow, I burned off so many calories..


So.. This one is for you! Watch you man/woman Ann totally act like a idiot once again on National TV. Whining like a teeny bopper because she claims she was “banned from NBC”, whatever Ann.. Timberlake sang it best.. “Cry me a River”

(I love that song)

Oh and on a side note.. Coulter is soooo not funny! I think sh has  watched way to many episodes of Sex and the City, and believes that because she’s got that Adams Apple thing going on that she’s got some kind of Carrie Bradshaw humor. I don’t think so. You’re NO Carrie Bradshaw or Sarah Jessica Parker. She needs to stop trying so hard, it’s embarrassing for me , and I don’t even like her. 

If you don’t believe me Right Wingers, take a look at watch your “girl” in action. She totally BOMBED! Matt Lauer  is a smart guy, but he is not a Harvard trainer prosecutor. He wasn’t by any stretch of the imagination giving her the third degree. He was simply asking her questions, that Coulter just couldn’t answer.  

Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk

Shame.. Shame.. Shame


Thank you Matt for showing the world once again that this woMAN is publicity queen, nothing more.. 

nothing less..


On that note..

A bid you Good Night…