Nadya Suleman: Trying to Make Bank With Her Octuplet Story! Let’s Tar and Feather Her Instead!

Posted on February 7, 2009



Bonsoir  Les Kiddos..

Nightly Candy is back in full effect! I need to get something off my chest! I am totally disgusted and appalled with this pathetic excuse of a woman and a “mother”, Nadya Suleman.

400_acurry_nsuleman_090205_nbc_pdrinkwater000x0400x320000x0400x320 I have to be honest. I had to look up in the dictionary how to even spell the word octuplets. That is just how out of range this story is for my brain to process properly.  

When I hear the word ocuplets, my brain associates quickly with the word octopus. So then I conjure up this vision of 8 babies all stuck together, making one octopus monster baby! Totally and utterly DISGUSTING!

That’s exactly how we should feel when listening to this situation. 

This crazy biznene (a word my sister made up in the 5th grade to substitute b****) gave birth to litter of 8… yes 8 premature children last week in California! These tiny sub-human babies are all in incubators only weighing a couple pounds each. Suley  paid a fertility clinic big bucks to whip up her embryos with some dude that just has to be as bonkers as she is , to inject her with 8 babies. The clincher is:  just a few years prior, she had visited the same fertility clinic,  and paid them to have the same procedure done . This resulted in a liter of 6.

125435111_987b22c0d4_oI would want to throw myself out a window just looking at these DOLLS

let alone to have birthed live ones…!!!!!!

I choose my words carefully here folks. I say LITTER, because the  female anatomy was NOT created to house a bundle of tiny, breathing, living zygotes ! The mere thought of it makes me totally gag!

Suley said in her interview..

“That was always a dream of mine, to have a large family, a huge family, and — I just longed for certain connections and attachments with another person that I — I really lacked, I believe, growing up.” 

Sorry Suley, that’s not enough of a reason to bring 14 lives into the world without employment and without a stable support system (her parents filed for bankruptcy last year). She did however, make sure to use her money from her settlement (from her previous job in a psych ward ,could this story get any more strange?) to hire a publicist, an agent, and some botched plastic surgery for her face.

It has been rumored that  Suley is shopping around to sell her story to anyone that will listen for the price of 2 million dollars or more. It  looks like this biznene thought that TLC, Pampers, GERBER, People Magazine, or some other corporate intensity was going to be interested paying BIG BUCKS  for her pathetic story. It also looks like these births were conceived for the purposes of CASH MONEY$$$$$$$$$$$$

In my opinion not only is this story totally gross, it borders on criminal. I believe not only should Suley have the book thrown at her, but also the fertility clinic that was responsible for pumping her full of embryos, not once but TWICE should suffer legal ramifications for their negligent behavior. Is anyone thinking about the emotional and physical welfare of these 14 children?  It seems that money was and is the foundation and the root of this evil. It’s totally sick. Fertility clinics are cool for people who can’t have children, who want to raise them in a loving and stable environment. Aren’t there already WAY to many children  all over the world with too many problems? I say Brad and Angie , Oprah or Madonna needs to step in an start an orphanage or something, because this is just outta control!


Chew on that one y’all. I know it’s not so sweet, and most definitley not a treat, but it had to be written…

Sweet Stuff Coming Up Soon…

Night Night



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