Vivica A. Fox Stoops to an Ultimate Recession Low…. and endorses “The Psychic Friends Network”

Posted on February 8, 2009


Hello My Nightly Candy People!

I know my people are all enjoying themselves tonight! If I know my readers, I’m sure you kids went bananas this weekend! Go ahead with your bad selves! Remember to make some time to chew on some sweet treats before you hit the work week!

When I heard this dish today, I just felt …hmmmm whats’s the word.. “ick”. This is why I  have stored it under the category of “Sad State of Affairs”. 

Vivica… Vivica… Vivica A. Fox!

What the hell is going on? This especially makes me very heavy in my heart because I once… many moons ago looked up to this “actress”. Remember when she was on that show with Patti Labelle? What the heck was it called? Oh yes… (of course I had to do a google search) “Out All Night”. I remember thinking to myself “How beautiful, smart, sassy, and talented this woman is”!

10857878_tml1awwwwwwhhh..the good ole days

As a little black girl with dreams of being an actress someday, there were hardly any role models on TV, that were not playing up the stereotypical “Mammy”


or “Jezebel” roles racist roles of the past. 

angelmodern day “Jezebel”


Vivica was also great in the movie “Set It Off” and was also fantastic as “Vernita Green” in “Kill Bill vol. 1.”


The Vivica Fox today is a far cry for the woman I once thought was totally cool!

71104142EM046_Chris_Aire_JeNo words…………….

Now Ms. Fox has resulted to endorsing “The Psychic Friends Network”. First of all, I thought the Psychic Friends were totally caught in some scandal a couple years ago. I could have sworn they had lost their license to operate, but apparently NOT.

I cannot believe that in this time of financial crisis, that these people are allowed to prey on the vulnerable, pathetic souls of the world. I also cannot believe that Vivica Fox can’t find any other work, but to assist these freaks of nature to rip people off.

As if that wasn’t painful enough to watch, can you believe that Vivica has the NERVE to give an interview and DENY that she gave permission to “The Psychic Friends” to use the footage. 

Vivica, that’s extremely LOW!

According to interview that Fox gave with Black Voices On line. com, she stated that the footage circulating on the Internet “is using her unauthorized likeness, footage, voice and photographs as an endorsement of their service.” Additionally, the actress is demanding that “The Psychic Friends Network “cease and desist immediately” with use of the video and images. 

This sounds like a whole lot of hot mess to me! Anyone with an iota of sense who has watched that painful video can clearly see it is an endorsement! It’s a full fledged commercial! Yes, I do believe The Psychic Friends, are a bunch of lying crooks, but they would have to be asinine to believe they could get away with that, if Vivica had not given them full permission.

I guess if there is any truth to what Vivica is stating (I highly doubt it) the two idiots will have to waste the courts time to battle it out!

Tsk…. Tsk… Tsk… this is just so incredibly stupid. Either way, this is really embarrassing for Vivica Fox. I hope she has an amazing publicist that can try to help climb out of this smoking pile of you know what.


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