Chris Brown is a Woman Beater!!! Lock Him Up and Swallow That Key!!

Posted on February 10, 2009


Evening Kids

I actually enjoyed this year’s Grammy Awards! There were so many musical icons who graced the stage! Now, I’m more a fan of the old school, than a lot of this new synthesized and remastered crap now-a-days, but I do find some of it to be entertaining and sometimes good! One of my favorites from the R & B group is Rihanna! I think she is the cat’s pajamas and she totally blows Beyonce out of the water. When she pulled a “no-show”  at the Grammy’s Sunday night with Chris Brown, The Associated Press began to go nuts and reported that at 12:30 AM on Sunday morning Chris Brown was arrested on assault charges. According to the law, the press cannot release the name of the victim, but EVERYONE knows it was Rihanna who was Chris’s companion that evening. They had both attended a pre-Grammy party held by Clive Davis. 

Chris & RihChris and Rihanna at the part for Clive Davis just hours before the incident took place 

jingle bash show2 171208

rihanna brown dublin 090109

spoiled brat Chris Brown driving his silver Lamborghini!!Chris and Rihanna leaving Clive Davis’s party early Sunday morning.

This is absolutely a DISGRACE for Chris Brown. The fact that he has been open and candid in the past about watching his mother endure years of physical abuse from his Step-Father makes this incident even more horrific. In an interview in 2007 with GIANT magazine, Chris Brown stated  his father would beat down his mother to the “white meat”:

” He made me terrified all the time, terrified like I had to pee on myself,” Brown told the publication.

“I remember one night he made her nose bleed. I was crying and thinking, ‘I’m just gonna go crazy on him one day…’ I hate him to this day.

 Some of his fans are “waiting” for the outcome of the police report and the court date set for early March, but anyone with an iota of common sense knows what is going on here. A black gossip blog called is has reported that Chris Brown beat up Rihanna because she had given him Herpes. First of all, this is total irresponsible and ridiculous journalism. They wrote a headline with that caption, but there was NOTHING within the posting to back it up. Besides, how could you even back something like that up? The sexual history of these two individuals is completely and totally IRRELEVANT to the charges of physical abuse! Is Bossip. Com suggesting that contracting Herpes is a good reason for beating someone up? That is asinine! If they get sued for SLANDER I would not even bat an eyelash! This is another example about how backwards and hypocritical this country truly is.

The media was ready to tar and feather Michael Phelp’s for smoking some ganja a couple months ago. Kellogs took away his contract and other corporations have threatened to follow suit. He didn’t inflict physical harm to  ANYONE by taking a couple hits from a bong. Chris Brown allegedly gave Rihanna a contusion on both sides of her face, a split lip, bloody nose, swelling, bruising, and BITE marks all over her arm and fingers. (From TMZ) We all know this could not have been the first time in a year since the couple has been together than Chris has abused her. This is just the first time he was got caught. 

Wrigley’s has suspended the ads that they have with Chris Brown until he receives his due process. That’s not enough though! Chris Brown is on the cover of many teen magazines. He has been glorified by the music community as being an “example” to the youth of America. The mere fact that these charges have been filed should be grounds enough for dismissal. It would be an excellent opportunity to use him as example to the rest of the world, that domestic violence is UNACCEPTABLE and not TOLERATED in the country. It is clear that people jut don’t care. I just came across a young woman’s Facebook status which reads “I just don’t understand what the big deal is about Chris Brown “ruffin” up Rihanna?”

81204956RL022_Chris_Brown_PChris Brown= Evil little prick

I have erased him as a friend off of Facebook. I have written some excellent reviews of his music that I have erased as well. I will NEVER be a fan and support this artist again, or ANY artist that is involved in violence. I am team Rihanna ALL THEY WAY! I pray that she will stand strong on her own two feet, and not play the victim role and go crawling back to that fool. She strikes me as being a woman of integrity and strength but all we really know is that amazing presence, fashion sense, beauty, and voice. We don’t know all her at all. I hope she has a strong support system around her. She can do WAY better than that ass.

We’re rooting for you Rihanna! Whatever he says, whatever he does, no matter what bling he buys you… DON’T let him back, because statistics say he will do it again!

If you are anyone you know is in a violent relationship, and feel like you are in danger and you need help,  you are NOT alone. No one deserves to be anyone else’s punching bag! People seriously need to DEAL with their issues!


The National Domestic Violence Hotline

1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

for the hearing impaired

1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

Help is available 24 hours 7 days a week in over 150 languages!