Usher’s Wife Had A Heart Attack on the Operating Table- What’s Going On?

Posted on February 13, 2009


Good Evening Boys and Girls

What A Doosey  this piece of news is! The talented and oh so lovable R&B sensation USHER’s wife,  Tameka Raymond went into cardiac arrest this past Friday while being anesthetized for a “simple liposuction” at a hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a rep for Raymond’s plastic surgeon tells the AP. She was “revived in less than a minute by heart massage,” placed in an induced coma, and taken to the intensive-care unit, the doctor’s rep says.


Doctors transferred Raymond to another hospital in Brazil to begin her recovery. She remains hospitalized there, a rep for the medical center tells the AP.

Whaaaaaat? THIS IS BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Rachel Zoe don’t you DARE come after me for using BANANAS-


can you believe that scary skeletor has bought the rights to use the words BANANAS and the term “I DIE”.  That’s insanity! But I digress.. on to more important issues…

Tameka Raymond is 36 years old if I am not mistaken! This is FAR to young of an age to be suffering from a heart attack!!!  But the thing we often forget, is that  a heart attack or ultimately death can occur to any otherwise healthy person when under anesthesia. WHEN OH WHEN will celebrities take a STAND and end this demonic systemic standard of beauty that is literally KILLING WOMEN and MEN all over the world! 

My Mother who is one of the wisest women I know has many sayings. The other day as we were speaking about this, she used the cliche American saying “If it ‘aint broke, no need to fix it”! I don’t know if any other words in the English language could be more prophetic for such an epidemic in our society! It is ALARMING and just inexcusable the rise of plastic surgery in this country! It has surpassed the enclaves of the rich and famous, and now ANYONE and EVERYONE whose desire it is to achieve the FAKE and UNATTAINABLE standards of Hollywood  can have it by  nipping, tucking, and sucking out unwanted skin and fat! Can we take step back here people, and try to look at this from the outside?  If you did, it would be clear to see , that we as a society look RIDICULOUS!!! I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that these  celebrity women and men who have access to an abundance of capital, who can afford the best gyms, nutritionists, personal trainers; would rather risk their lives and go under the knife to “fix” problems with their bodies, which are probably 9 times out of 10 psychological. There is NO KNIFE sharp enough, no needle long enough, to mend a brain that’s off kilter. 

When is it going to be okay, to embrace who you are? When is it going to be okay just to love the body you have? Why is it so hard to grasp for people that whenever you have surgery that requires anesthesia that is a good chance you might not come back. In other words, SURGERY should be left for people with LIFE THREATENING issues. I mean doesn’t it make sense? Why risk your damn life, if your life wasn’t in danger in the first place????

Does anyone watch that show Nip/Tuck?


I forced myself to watch it a couple days ago, and it’s like a train wreck, I just couldn’t pull myself away. It totally 150% solidified for me that I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER have plastic surgery! I know it’s a show on television, but of course the content is pulled from real events. You think those writers are that imaginative that they just can pull that material off the top of their heads?  Ummm.. yes they are talented, but COME ON.. you have to know the basics of  that content is based on REAL life situations!! That show should be infomercial against plastic surgery! 

What is it going to take? 

I’ll tell you.

Since Hollywood sets the psycho standard of beauty, it’s going to take some Hollywood heavy hitters to take a stand! We need enough people that society deems to be “beautiful” to come out and live healthy lives, and embrace who they are. We need HEAVY HITTERS, not just Jamie Lee Curtis. Although I LOVE her! She’s beautiful! I love that she denounces plastic surgery and that she embraces her body as it is!



BUT we need a lot more celebrities to follow suit. The HOT , YOUNG ONES need to jump on the band wagon too.

We need studio executives to embrace and endorse these celebrities. We need the major magazines to embrace and promote them as well. Trust me if Angelina were to get some healthy curves and come and denounce plastic surgery, 10’s of millions would be on the band wagon so fast it would make your head spin! Imagine if there were dozens of other women that are on the covers of the magazines stood with her? The corporate infrastructure would have NO CHOICE!

Something has got to give, because this is just becoming out of hand!!

I could stand on this soap box for a long time, but it’s time to jump off FOR NOW.. 

More on this topic soon. Please feel free to share your thoughts kids.


Love the skin you are in!

and remember what Mama said…

“If it ‘aint broke… then NO NEED to fix it!”


Nightly Candy….