It’s the RETURN of The RU! RuPaul Comes Back to TV!!

Posted on February 18, 2009


Evening Kids

I hope and trust that everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day! I of course choose to celebrate love EVERYDAY! I spent the evening with my favorite person, in the whole entire universe, YOURS TRULY! Yes that’s right! I treated myself to a SPA day, mani, pedi, and my dinner for one at my favorite Thai restaurant. In all honesty it was the BEST Valentine’s Day EVER! After dinner, I came home, wrapped up in my snuggly blanket and caught up on my favorite shows, with of course of box of chocolates…

(the ones with the creamy white sugary stuff in the middle.. my favorite)

The evening commenced with….

 RuPaul’s Drag Race! It is in the Top 5 of my ultimate reality TV FAVS rights now!


You can catch this fantastic new reality show on the Logo Channel. I am so glad RuPaul is back on the tube and on track because I LOVED LOVED LOVED RuPaul’s first television show that was on VH1 in the mid 90’s. I have vivid memories of my sisters, and my Mom getting excited to watch RuPaul and her co-host Michelle Vasage! They were hilarious and absolutely fabulous! RuPaul was all the rage back then bringing on major celebs like , Duran DuranTaylor DayneMary J. BligeBea ArthurDionne WarwickOlivia Newton-JohnBeenie Man,Pete BurnsBow Wow Wow, and many more.

Her new show on Logo is something totally new.

It is a clever jambalaya of winning reality shows like America’s Next Top Model ,Project  Runway and American Idol! RuPaul has coined a catch phrase half bitten from Fox’s  “So You Think You Can Dance”. I crack up without fail, each and every time when I hear Ru tell the contestants, ” It’s time to Lip-sync for your LIFE”!

The gist of the shows is: Thousands of Female Impersonators applied for 9 coveted spots to compete for the tittle of “Fiercest Drag Queen”. The one who wins the coveted title will receive a whole bunch of goodies, money, magazine covers, and FAME!! These contestants are a bunch of true characters! Ru was NOT playing when she carefully selected these QUEENS!

It’s such a great show that I have to watch it on TIVO or  right on line, so I have no commercial interruption whatsoever! The only thing, is that I wish there was more RUPAUL in the show! Her humor and wit is what really makes it worth watching. After this show ends LOGO, needs to give RuPaul a talk show, where the camera is just focused of RuPaul for the whole entire time… It is sooo necessary!

And how can I forget those GOWNS…

Let  me tell you, as a trained fashion designer, RuPaul has some IMPECCABLE style. Whenever she sashays down that runway, my mouth is just wide open. To be honest with you, my mouth is wide open during the whole entire show…The Drama, the scandal of it all!

I highly suggest that you log onto the LOGO channel on line and step into the RU !

You can watch the episodes and special out takes right on line! I love it pretty soon cable is going to be an obsolete thing of the past! SEE YA later Comcast

Let me know what you all think about my latest reality obsession! I look forward to your comments.

More  soon from this candy covered Night Owl …


Night Night