Nightly Candy Reminisces: Meeting and Modeling for the Iconic Jaclyn Smith

Posted on February 18, 2009


What’s Good in Your Hood this Evening?

All day I’ve been reminiscing this fantastic moment out of the chronicles of Nightly Candy! This was one of the most FABULOUS days of my life. October 28, 2008 when I got to meet and model for Jaclyn Smith on LIVE TELEVISION! It was such an awesome experience, that I wanted to share it with you all again…….


October 28, 2009


This blog is dedicated to one of the MOST amazing moments I have experienced to DATE! It is an amazing feeling to meet someone that you have idolized since your childhood. I had that experience today at 7:30AM when I arrived at Fox Studios for a LIVE fashion show for the Jaclyn Smith Collection.

The beautiful thing is that the ONE and ONLY Ms. Jaclyn Smith was THERE LIVE IN PERSON to promote her new Fall Line, and also introduce her Interiors Line .  I have been a JACLYN fan since I used to watch her, Farrah Fawcett, and Kate Jackson in “Charlie’s Angels”. I am a 70’s babies. The high waisted jeans, the wide legs pants, the colors, the prints, are all elements that I tie into my own designs.





I was STAR STRUCK when I first laid eyes upon her as she walked into the green room with her entourage of four swarming around her like moths to the flame. She is absoloutely STUNNING in person! No… I don’t think you understand what I mean by STUNNINGShe is soooooooooooooooooo beautiful it’s UNREAL! I’ve never seen beauty like this before! And she looks FIERCE! She walked in with an amazing Lilac wool/knit overcoat… then her assistant helped her unveil the OUT FIT, EVERYONE’S EYES DROPPED as she unveiled a SLIM BLACK LEATHER PENCIL SKIRT that fit her like a GLOVE and and slightly see through black turtle neck! Fabulous! The killer was the most BEAUTIFUL pair of 5inch clear pumps with a CHEETAH (Yes Folkes.. I said CHEETAH PRINT on the heels) It was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Take a look at the footage from that amazing day..

Okay, so as I calm down from this experience, let me tell you all about the clothing! Now, among many things I am a fashionista FIRST! I am SO IMPRESSED by this collection,  it is not even funny!

Especially in these days as all of us are pinching our pennies as the Dow Jones is doing the rollercoaster all over the place, who want to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing? BUT the fact of the matter is, WE ALL have to put clothes on our backs, and most of us like to look good. LADIES… YOU know I am talking to you! If you are a woman who likes to look at the magazines or Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, or whatever Celebrity Gossip show you fancy, and you wish that you could attain the look that Sarah Jessica Parker and Reese Withersppon are rockin’ but you think to yourself “I have to buy diapers, how can I afford these clothes”


If you are looking for the LOOK for LESS, 

I URGE YOU TO RUN to your nearest K-MART and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out Jaclyn’s clothing line, AND her HOME FURNISHINGS! She brings the same trend setting sophistication that inspires her clothing, straight to her home line!






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