PORBRECITA: Jen Just Can NEVER Measure Up….

Posted on February 19, 2009


Evening Kids..

Those who are familiar with Nightly Candy know very well I am NOT a fan of the  Jennifer Aniston as an “actress”. I have to admit that as of late I have really, REALLY, begun to have pity on this woman.

SPL22422_011Porbecita…. all the $$$ in the world can’t buy you happiness huh?

As those of us who follow the movies, the night of ALL nights THE ACADEMY AWARDS are on this Sunday! This is the evening where everyone who is anyone in Hollywood comes out in their “Sunday best” to pay homage to the best of best flicks of the year! I’m not going to miss it for the world, and neither is Jenn.

Now you KNOW she is had to pay “boyfriend” John Mayer a handsome reward to give up his Sunday night to be her arm candy for the evening.  He was quoted as saying to the press “I’m going to the Oscars. It’s my first Oscars. And it’s my first being an Oscar boyfriend,” 

john_mayer_jennifer_anistonWhat an affectionate “real”  couple… 

jen-aniston-john-mayer-bThe love just oozes out…..

Does John have to make it so obvious this is all a hoax when he talks to the press? But alas, as I stated before I do feel sorry for Jen. No matter who she pays to have on her arm, no many how many Pilates lunges she does, she’ll never EVER be able to surpass Brad and Angie on the red carpet and hold her head up high. She’s no match for this dynamic duo. Quite frankly, no one is.

angelina-jolie-brad-pitt-wenn000x0400x601Fantastic and near Flawless.. it hurts me to look at them, can you imagine how Maniston feels??

jennifer-aniston-hands-faceYes Jenn.. I would feel like that too if I were you..

BRANGELINA has to be the most famous and fabulous Hollywood couple in history. They BOTH possess real talent, both nominated for Academy Awards, both are philanthropists, and adored by fans and the media to boot?. It’s just a recipe for nothing short of unstoppable. 


Cheer up Jenn! Perhaps you can get your publicist to find out when exactly Brangelina is going to walk across the red carpet, so you can plan AROUND them..

Whatever she does I pray she doesn’t have a face to face encounter, although it would make great media coverage, it would give Maniston an instant coronary. Yes, she is void of personality, talent, and looks but she most certainly does not deserve to die on impact.

I’ll be glued to the tube on Sunday night. Of course you’ll be getting my reactions to the red carpets fashion moments, and maybe more…


Night Night


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