Brody Jenner on BLAST!!!!!

Posted on February 20, 2009


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Let’s get right into it shall we?

This blog post is dedicated to the talentless and oh  undeserving of fame ;Brody Jenner.

brody_jennerYOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?? 

Brody is the son of former gold medalist runner (now plastic surgery victim) Bruce Jenner. He grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth and was spoiled with every  material thing that his little  his heart desired. However, Brody did reveal that he did not see much of his father growing up. Perhaps a little more Father & Son time would have saved Brody from becoming a major tool. We’ll never know will we? The damage is already done.

 The first time the public at large got to see Brody, was the slight notority he gained on MTV’s  The Hills as a  quasi love interest of Lauren Conrad. 

lauren-conrad-10The infamous LC….. not as big of a tool as Brody but a very close second..

On The Hills Brody had bits and pieces of airtime, mostly whining, being a tool, being a jerk, and club downing drinks at LA night clubs. When MTV announced that  Whitney Port

whitney-port-pictureThe ONLY girl from The Hills with a brain!

of The Hills was getting her own show called The City, it made total sense to me. She was the ONLY character on The Hills with an ounce of substance , intellect, and like ability. On the same Hills Aftershow, they announced that Brody was getting his own show called Bromance, my jaw nearly HIT the floor. There were so many things to grapple with at once. Brody Jenner getting his own show? How in heaven’s name could  anyone stomach an hour of this fool? Then the title”BROMANCE” what kind of craziness is that? Then when it was revealed that Ryan Seacrest was the Executive Producer, it all started to make sense.

Now, I’m not pointing fingers, or calling anyone out. I’m just presenting what information and clips are already out there. You judge for yourself. 

To learn that this ridiculous show was produced by Ryan Seacreast totally sealed the deal, but I still wanted to be fair and give Brody the benefit of the doubt. I don’t know why I extended that notion, because the whole premise of the show is a LIE! Brody claims in the intro that the reason why he is looking for a new bro is because Spencer Pratt


( aka Teen Wolf Boy with that flesh toned beard thing he’s got going on)

had broken off their friendship due to Brody’s alliance with Lauren Conrad. Well everyone knows that The Hills is totally scripted and fake. Spencer and Brody  are friends to this day, and never were frenemies. On Brody’s Facebook page he has plenty of pictures ( taken during the time of their supposed ” feud”)  of him and Spencer palling around and slamming back drinks. 

First of all: A Bromance? This is a no-brain er! It’s all in the title. I don’t know about you all, but I’ve asked a bunch of my manly men friends if they would EVER define their closest friendships as a bromance, the response was an OVERWHELMING HELL NO! 

Now let me be clear, I AM NOT saying that Brody Jenner is gay. Nor do I think there is a problem having a show called Bromance about dudes who secretly love each other. I just think Brody totally sucks and I know MTV can totally do hell of a lot  better. I checked out the comments for the show. A majority of the people HATE IT as well! The public has spoken!

As always we can look to Youtube to find what the people’s opinions truly are. These are some of the videos that made me chuckle…

ATTENTION MTV EXEC’S: This show was a waste of film and airtime. It’s so lame that comedians cant even make decent fun of it. I am sure there are plenty of other mildly entertaining spoiled and talentless pseudo celebrities that will make for great reality tv. FIND THEM and file “Bromance” under reality shows that TANKED.


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