Mickey Rourke Didn’t Always Look Like a Monster.

Posted on February 20, 2009


Evening Les Amis…

All right now, I am still visibly shaken! I just watched this expose on E about Mickey Rourke. I was in middle school during the 80’s, so I was a bit young to be into the hype of  Mickey during his hey days in the 80’s and 90’s, so I had NO IDEA what a HOTTIE he was.

article-1052748-00c6602b00000190-245_224x423look at that face!!!

He was absolutely scrumptious and a great actor  to boot. I just recently watch him the in the movie 9 1/2 Weeks with Kim Basinger .

mickey_rourke_kim_basingerIt’s almost UNBELIEVABLE that is really Mickey Rourke!!

Wasn’t that almost breathtaking? It makes you want to watch this movie…

It is hard for me to swallow that the beautiful man in that clip, now looks like THIS!!!!

article-1052748-02892dee00000578-392_468x306NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAY IT ISN’T SOO… and what’s up with the bottom lip action…

(rrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhh – sound of me throwing up into a trashcan)

article-1052748-028914c900000578-702_224x423MICKEY??? WHAT in the name of all that is good and holy in the world HAPPENED??

This can’t just be plastic surgery’s fault? According to the press Mickey’s face got SERVED when he decided to take a career in boxing.


_41196945_rourkegetty203This was a BAD BAD MOOD! Probably made when he was 8 balling one night!

Rourke has been quoted when asked about his boxing days that he had to go back to boxing” because he felt that he ” was self-destructing … (and) had no respect for myself being an actor.”

Although Rourke was a bit too old to be in the ring, he didn’t too so badly. Rourke was undefeated in 8 fights, with six wins (4 by knock-out) and two draws. He fought in Spain, Japan and Germany.  Unfortunatley, his BODY suffered BADLY as a result of this coked out decision to become a boxer. He suffered MAD injuries including a broken nose, toe, ribs, a split tongue, and a compressed cheekbone. Aye Dios Mios that must have REALLY hurt? I guess possibly all of those injuries,  in conjunction with drug and alcohol abuse, could turn someone from a hunk of man into this

255621672_xddxw-mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh…..makes me want to burst into tears..

Well, at least the blows to the head and the actual blow he snorted didn’t ruin his acting skills.

He did win a Golden Globe for his role in “The Wrestler”. 

Mickey Rourke’s performance is moving, and he proves that he’s still got the acting chops.

He seems like a troubled soul though. I do sincerely hope he does find some source of happiness besides from his dogs.

FILM-VENICE/Mickey on the red carpet  in Venice with the dearly departed Loki

His dear pup, of 17 years named Loki died on February 18. Rourke said to the Associated Press “Loki is deeply missed but with me in spirit. I feel very blessed that she fell asleep peacefully in my arms.” When Rourke won the Golden Globe for Best Actor he thanked all his dogs, both living and dead. He said “sometimes when a man’s alone, all you got is your dog.”

That is one of the saddest statements I have EVER heard in all my life. Someone PLEASE show Mickey Rourke some love…. PLEASE I beseech you.. I am not the one though. 



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