Chris Brown’s PATHETIC FAN Shares Her “Thoughts” with Nightly Candy

Posted on February 22, 2009


Evening My Cherubs

This most certainly is a treat for me!

I usually get an overwhelming amount of love from the readers out there in cyber space. But of course, you can’t please everyone. That’s not my intention by far with my blog. This is merely me just sharing my rants and raves about mostly superficial and unimportant things in our world today. Once in awhile I like to get all critical and analytical with the political banter, but I usually save that for the experts. This simply is my space for venting. I’m pleased that there are actually people out there and read this blog, and actually like it. For that, I am SOOO THANKFUL!

When I wrote about my disdain for Ann Coulter. I received some right wing mess from a guy who nicknamed himself “Obama the Anti-Christ”.  I could handle his hate spewing crap with one hand tied behind my back. Today I received two comments from a very disgruntled woman who apparently had a HUGE  problem with me writing about Chris Brown as spoiled brat who needs to pick fights with someone his own size.


Chris Brown the DOUCHEBAG

Chris Brown the DOUCHEBAG



I just am almost speechless. That doesn’t happen with me too often. Well, let me take a stab! It is women who make comments like this, set ALL women  back 40 or 50 years. On top of EVERYTHING  she has the grammar and writing  skills of a 4th grader. Hey, now I am not always grammatically correct in my writing. I’m make mistakes. We are all human. This isn’t TIME magazine or anything.  There is a difference between making mistakes and typos, and never having possessed the ability to grasp the English language. 

It actually makes me really sad. 😦

You’ll see what I am talking about…..

Comment 1 : from (let’s call her Shenikqwah)

NOW I DID NOT MAKE THIS UP!! There is NO WAY I am that creative.

“And f*** all yall haters that say all dat bull s*** bout him he is may baby nd u got anything 2 say u can take it up with me nd chris is u hear this i still love u baby me nd u 4 life u is a real man baby nd i dont give a f*** wat everybody else say.
love u baby oxoxoxo.
And f*** u rhianna .

Okay… If that wasn’t enough. She “wrote” in AGAIN.

“yall r sum haters Chris Brown baby i still love u baby nd it is us against the world. so she should have never put her hands on u. i see were u is cumin from nd i know u really didn’t mean it at all it was just a blank out nd u dont have 2 feel bad cuz even if there is nobody else that dont love u i do.
4 life”

WOW!! She said “it is us against the world”

What can I really say to that?

Oh… how about this.

I hope you get your wish Shenikwah! I have a feeling that you and Chris Brown deserve each other.


After I LMAO at your comment, I then felt like crying. It’s kind of sad on many levels. 1) That you actually think Chris Brown would see your comment on Nightly Candy. I mean I am TOTALLY FLATTERED! BUT I highly doubt your boy is surfing blogs right now.

2)  Girl, written communication is essential in this life. Please try and get some skills down. Is there a community center in your neighborhood? They might be able to lend some assistance. It is hard enough out here for black women, you’re making us look bad. REAL BAD!

3) Somehow you think it is okay for Chris Brown to put a woman in the hospital, if she allegedly put her hands on him first? What kind of stuff are you smoking? Actually I don’t want to know.. Must be laced with some sink cleaner or something?

Hey, I am all about the right to defend ones life. If someone, (I don’t care what gender they are) is attacking you then DEFEND yourself to the end. As far as we know Chris Brown was not hurt nor did he have to visit the hospital. Therefor how a woman is going to justify his behavior towards another woman is appauling. 


4) Why the hell is it every time someone black cannot find it within themselves to articulate an argument the defense becomes “You’se is a HATER”

That is soooo STUPID and so 2001. Come up with another term. HATER?? Really Shenikwah? I’m hating on Chris Brown by expressing my constitutional right to disapprove of his abuse towards women? Do you even know what that means? 

Why am I even bothering to pose a question I know the answer to.

Hope you and Chris enjoy a life full of happiness and bliss!


This one is for you! Straight from my heart Sheke!

blog4-chris-brownThe happy new couple!! 

Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” 

Maybe one day soon you can sing it to him as you gaze into his eyes across the room in the seedy Las Vegas karaoke bar.

That’s the ONLY place where Chris Brown will be allowed to perform..


Thank’s for the material nonetheless.


More Soon!!

Night Night

OH BTW….. IT’S MY 100th BLOG POST!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!! HERE IS TO 100 MORE