The Bad Girls Club= Don’t Bother Wasting A Hour of Your Life

Posted on February 24, 2009


Evening Y’all

As I am jotting down my notes in between Academy Award moments, I thought I would expound upon yet again another troubling show on television. 


The Oxygen Channel (which I believe is partially owned by Oprah Winfrey) should really be ashamed for putting us through THREE  seasons of this trifiling show! Oprah… I know you CANNOT be endorsing such crap? What happened to “living your best life now” ?

oprahOprah…  show some of that executive power and PULL this waste of air time please!

Wikipedia describes Bad Girls Club is  as showing “seven women with severe psychological and personality issues – deemed “bad girls” – as they live together for four months. ” It also states that  “cameras record their interpersonal relationships and their attempts to accomplish specific goals”. Now I would love to know specifically what  “specific goals” these “ladies” are trying to accomplish besides making complete and total fools of themselves?

While I was taking advantage of the mani/pedi two for one deal at my favorite nail salon in Brooklyn, the nail artist turned on the tube to the Oxygen Channel and lo and behold the Bad Girls Club season three was on.


In this episode the girls were in Las Vegas for the weekend. Anytime I watch anything about “Sin City” it’s usually filled with FUN and EXCITEMENT!

This was the complete anti-thesis of fun and excitement! These girls are a bunch of tools! I mean come on, they couldn’t even throw in a bad girl with a great fashion sense, or who at least is doesn’t look like her parents are cousins? These women are one 1/2 step above the Rock of Love Tour Bus chicks.

658x310_v2Remember this is how they look like SUPER PHOTOSHPED…. eeekkks

I can’t write about how super lame these chicks are. It’s starting to make my brain throb in pain. Here is just a clip from the painful episode I had to endure while the paint dried on my fingers and toes.

I could have got a better thrill of Las Vegas from a night of gambling on an online casino!

Thumbs waaaay down for Oxygen. Bunin/Murray  (the producers who have brought us the super lame shows like The Real World  It’s time for you to raise the BAR. The shows you have going on, are embarrassing! Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Real World -Brooklyn, and the other ones on your website are not even worth mentioning. I’ve never heard of these shows, and you couldn’t pay me to watch them. 

I hope I’ve saved at least one person from wasting an hour of their lives by tuning into to this debacle of a “show”! Thank goodness I was getting my nails done in the process. At least something of worth was accomplished!


More sweet cyber snack coming up soon!


Night Night