Jen Vs. Angelina on the Red Carpet? I Don’t Think So!!

Posted on February 25, 2009


Evening Kids

As promised I JUST HAD to share my thoughts with you about this apparent “showdown” that was supposed to take place on the red carpet between the darling Angelina Jolie, and the always manish Jennifer Aniston.

celebrity2005illoPluuuuuhhhhessse NO SHOWDOWN HERE!!


PLEASE.. There was NO SHOWDOWN, or MATCH to be had. All media hype, to get us to tune in. I must say it did work, at least for me I was glued to the tube at 6pm sharp to watch my favorites do their red carpet shuffle.

Those of you who frequent Nightly Candy, know I am no fan of  the work of Ms. Aniston, nor I am a fan of her fashion. I ALWAYS will give props to anyone who looks great at any moment (it’s the fashionista in me, I cannot help but keep it real). I’ve seen Jennifer look WAY better at NYC move premieres (that’s not saying much) then she looked at the Oscars. What happened? I thought she was going to do her ultimate best to BANG it out of the park and stand out. Her dress looked very similar to many of the red carpet looks that evening. There were waaaay to many white dresses that were diamond encrusted i.e Anne Hathaway, Carrie Underwood, Sarah Jessica Parker, etc. I would have loved to see her in some COLOR like cobalt blue, an emerald green. This white dress washes her already pale skin right out!

84980641_10000x0449x705scuuury PLASTICY FAKE smile….. eeeeks

 Can we talk about her hair? It looks like a four year old did that braid thing on top? It totally looked like she had taken a nap after getting it done and rushed straight in the limo ! It just looked a hot mess and didn’t translate well on camera.

So Maniston/Mayer totally dodged BRANGELINA on the red carpet, which was a good move on Maniston’s part, because she probably would have burst in to tears. She had the opportunity to really KNOCK it out of the park as a presenter with Jack Black. Of course Jack Black is the King of Funny, but if I were her (the horror!!!) I would have begged the Academy to give me a zinger that I would have practiced, and practiced so that I nailed it. Well, maybe she did try her best, but as usual Maniston misses the mark. On camera to me, she  always comes across with this uncomfortable stiffness that just doesn’t come across as funny.  Imagine Tina Fey, or Sarah Jessica Parker, or Reese Witherspoon delivering that line! We would have “really” been laughing, not given the sympathy chuckles that came from the auidence. The ever so gracious Angelina knew those camera would zoom right in on her at Jen’s moment, so she gave her sympathy yucks right there with Brad as I am sure they had agreed to do before hand. 

The King and Queen of the night, hands down were Brad and Angie. Undoubtedely the most dashing and best dressed couple of the evening!


478816931_swubw-m000x0315x450FLAWLESS!!! Best Dressed Couple, HANDS DOWN

angelina_jolieAwwwwh.. it’s so beautiful, it’s almost nauseating

What an amazing HONOR it must have been for them to not only been the most amazing looking couple at the Oscars, but to both receive oscar nods? Has that ever happened before in Academy history? Hmm that’s one for the fact books, I’m sure someone will write in with the answer. But seriously, Maniston just must have been dying slowly inside when both Angelina and Brad were lavished with praise and accolades by the industry  GIANTS  like Sophia Loren, Shirley McClaine, Halle Berry, Robert Dinero, Christopher Walkin . Really amazing ACTORS, not corny sitcom stars. Even though they both did not win, it must have been amazing and real stroke to the ego for them to have heard those words from Nicole Kidman to Angelina on her amazing performance in Changeling.

It was equally as fabulous to hear Sir Anthony Hopkins shower Brad with sincere comments. You could tell it was straight from his heart, because  Brad and Sir Hopkins starred together in Meet Joe Black (that is a FANTASTIC movie! If you haven’t seen it.. I suggest you see it on line!) 

Awwwh…. I’m actually feeling bad again for Maniston. She will just never reach that level of stardom. Well, she’ll continue to makes cheesy romantic comedy “comedies”. Unfortunatley for the rest of  us, they will never go out of style.


Stay Tuned for more sweet treats!!!


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