Rumors Report: Chris Brown and Rihanna are making up! I Say Boycott the BOTH of THEM!

Posted on March 3, 2009


Evening People


The Internet was a blazin’ with the skinny that Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together “working things out” .

rihannaI can’t believe she is sooo weak!

chris-brown-rihanna1Ohh No… another one bites the dust!

A source that claims to be close to the couple has told the tabloids that “They’re together again. They care for each other,”  The  “couple ” is currently spending time together at one of Sean “Diddy” Combs’s homes, on Miami Beach’s Star Island. 

The source also pathetically added: “While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves.”

Someone please bring me a big huge pale so that I can throw-up right into it! This is such a crock of you know what. Rihanna… Rihanna…. if there is anything truth to this, then you have made a colossal mistake. Rihanna is in the public eye and although she may not like it or fully accept that what goes along with her fame, is the responsibility of being a role model for young women.  It is sad that with all of her fame and success, she in unable to recognize that no one has the right to inflict bodily harm to her, especially if they claim to love her. That should have been one of the lessons that was instilled in her as a small child. Unfortunately, many women do not get the instruction that they so desperately need to be they  aware of their self-importance. 

I have had so many scary women void of intellect write in to Nightly Candy with illiterate rants of love and devotion for Chris Brown. Some went as far to say “Rihanna deserved to get beat up.” There are additional rumors swarming around the foundation of the argument that the couple were having the night of the incident. Some sources who also claim to be close to the couple are telling the tabloid that the argument was centered around Rihanna giving Chris Brown Herpes. The aspect that it so hard for me to swallow is: if that statement is in fact true, it is still not a justification for brutality and physical abuse. There is a real lack of a  clear and defined sense of self-empowerment among young women these days. Having role models like Rihanna and Chris Brown are not helping the epidemic at all.

Somewhere in Rihanna’s upbringing there was a void of self-love and self-worth. It’s unfortunate that some women do not get the proper reinforcement in their development so they grow up into young woman with a strong constitution. Rihanna clearly she suffers from a lack of self-esteem, and I am sure she is lacking some other crucial attributes that make for a strong and successful woman. Any woman, (or person for that matter) who loves themselves would NEVER allow themselves to be in such an horrible relationship in the first place. 

THE LAST THING a respected, condifent, self-aware and self assured woman would do is to run ito the arms of the man that put her in the hospital! That is just ludicrious. 

I say if this rumor has relevance, I will extend my boycott of Chris Brown to Rihanna as well. Abused and battered women have a choice to make. They either make the decision to leave the relationship in control of their life, or make the decision to die. The decision is simple. If battered women continue to stay in their abusive relationships, it sends a painful message to the rest of the world that it is acceptable behavior. It makes it a hundred times that more difficult to end the cycle of violence that has become too commonplace on a global level.

When will we ever come to value the life of a woman? When will it not be acceptable behavior to dehumanize a woman on any level?  

It’s never okay to be someone else’s punching bag. If you are in an abusive relationship and think you should stay because you feel there is no way out, there is HELP for you.

Please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline  for help. 

1(800) 799 SAFE 7233

TTY 1(800) 787-3224

Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 365 days a year. Don’t stay with an abuser just because you read about Rihanna staying with Chris Brown. CLEARLY celebrities are real people, with real issues. Not all of them are people to look up to. Concentrate on your own life, and claim it!

More news soon.


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