It All Blew Up in Sheree Witfield’s FACE!! Sheree Gets SUED!

Posted on March 11, 2009


Evening Kids

For all of you Housewives of Atlanta fans, I know this little piece of news will be of some interest to you!

It is no suprise  that Karma has reared it’s head on Sheree Witfield! 

sheree-professional-shotsmThis photo always cracks me up!

After ALL of the yapping she did on Season One about getting her “7 Figures” from Ex- hubby Bob Witfield, she ends up OWING a whole lot of people money, instead of gaining it.

To put it simply…

The Biznene is Broke..

Sheree is being sued by her counsel that represented her in the divorce proceedings, Levine & Smith. That is some real messed up stuff! Ideally, your legal counsel is supposed to have your back 100%, so the fact they are suing her for OVER $87,000 is just one plain ridiculous.

Yes you read it right! 87K!! It’s unpaid legal fees, and they have thrown on interest rates, late fees, it’s just a hot mess. It took her lawyers turning their backs on the her for it to  FINALLY sink through her thick head that she wasn’t going to win this losing battle. She dismissed the appeal she had brought to court regarding the original alimony settlement the courts had given to her. She sited the reason for her dismissing the appeal simply  stating “her ex- husband is now BROKE”.

What a pathetic state of affairs this whole mess surely is. Or better yet, I should say…



photoshoot1105still anxiously awaiting for his reality show “Behind the Purple Door”

As the saying goes, “what goes around, comes right back around!”

I just am so curious to watch how Sheree portrays herself this season on Housewives? Has she learned her lessons? Will she turn over a new leaf? 

Like the rest of you, I will have to stay tuned and watch.

HURRY UP BRAVO and please get these New York Housewives OFF the air! Don’t get me started about these menopasual ladies! What a BOREFEST! There is a Countess on the show for crying out loud? A Countess living in New York?? You’ve got to be kidding me?

That’s just a recipie for BORING, VAPID, VOID of anything stimulating for the brain, not even anything to make fun of which of course for me, is the whole entire point!

housewivesnyc_1ick..ick..MAJOR ick..ick..and ICK

If you don’t believe me take a minute and some change to check out this lame interview

See.. I wasn’t lying!

Well… soon enough their stupid season will be OVER and it will be time for us and Anderson Cooper  laugh to our heart’s content over NeNe, Kim, Lisa Wu, Sheree, and Kandi!

anderson1I can’t wait to see my NeNe!!!

Stay tuned for more Housewives Dish!


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