TomKats’ New Do is UNBEWEAVEABLE!!!!

Posted on March 12, 2009


Buenos Noches Sweeties

I just had to give a quick shout out to Katie Holmes aka the BEARD of Tom Cruise, for her FIERCE new hair extensions!



This is a MAJOR step up for Katie! With her drab bob she was really started to give up the hoax of this happy couple! She was wearing her misery straight on her face like she wanted to run for her life and leave that  little girl behind!

fp_1944316_katie_holmes_braves_the_cold_to_shoot_the_extra_man000x0460x632waaaaaaaah!!! what did I get myself into!!! I want OUT of this CONTRACT NOW!!

article-0-02accec2000005dc-277_468x552Ugh… I just want to drop this kid is like a sack of potatoes!!!

I am sure poor Katie is sick and tired of looking like an Emo loving teenage boy for Tom!!!

katie-holmes-man-pants000x0432x778This wasn’t a part of the initial agreement!!!

Katie was arm and arm with Tom for his Japanese red carpet debut for his film Valkyrie! Maybe it will do better in Japan, because I know on American soil, we are OVER Tom Cruise and his lame attempts at character acting. The story of Valkyrie is a compelling story based on true events of the assination attempt of Hitler’s life during World War II. 

 Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg 

250px-stauffenberg_and_cruiseStauffenberg has a eerie resemblance to Cruise. At least the looks were there!

led the assination attempt on Hitler’s life that totally backfired when the bomb smuggled into Hitler’s office fails to go off! Hitler, keeping true to his dictatorial, murderous rage had the Col and the rest of the men who organized to kill him, executed!

Col. Stauffenberg and Operation Valkyrie is an important and compelling story to tell, because it is important for the world to know that there was resistance within the ranks of the Third Reich. All too often when reviewing the atrocities of World War II, it is a widespread belief that Hitler had all of Germany under his thumb. Although there were many, many Germans that followed Hitler blindly like sheep, there were MANY who resisted his message of total EVIL.

I just wish if Hollywood was going to invest millions of dollars to tell an important historical story, they would do with an actor who was not a total FREAK of nature!

Tom Cruise is CRAZY

Check out this hilarious song from Jonathan Coulton: “Tom Cruise Crazy”


only if you have the extra time and can properly brace yourself, take a look at this FRIGHTENING CLIP  of Crazy Tom Cruise talking about the equally FRIGHTENING Scientology!

Yes.. it’s almost ten minutes, but it’s a must see if you enjoy the occasional shock and awe..


Well, that was a little bit of a digression from Katie’s new weave, but I just had to go there!

Let’s hope Katie can hold her sanity together with her new shiny mane! 

Good luck with that one..


More Sweet treats coming soon…

until then..

I bid you a good night!