Joaquin Phoenix…..What’s the Deal Dude??

Posted on March 13, 2009


Evening Nightly Candy Peeps

joaquin_phoenix_weirdHe looks like Teen Wolf after being abandoned in the Appalachia Mountains without food, water, and just Crystalmeth for sustenance.

In January Joaquin Phoenix announced he was quitting acting to pursue a career as a hip-hop artist. Of course the first reaction from most people was “you’ve got to be kidding me!”, but Joaquin claims he is totally serious. On his cracked out appearance on Letterman, David strained to get some answers out of him, but apparently he had downed some Quaaludes or Vicodin before coming on the show. 

Now, I love a good hoax! I love when the joke ends up being on us in the end. The whole point of a hoax is the humor… Where is the humor in all of this?? I have failed to see it.  I don’t find anything really funny about all of this. It’s quite depressing if you ask me. It’s a sad state of affairs for someone to rapidly decline from a promising and in my opinion gorgeous actor

joaquin-phoenixHe WAS (key word WAS) so sexy, hair-lip and all.. Ahhh what happened?

To this…

joaquin-phoenix-bI made this picture significantly smaller to spare you.

 Whether or not Joaquin’s actions are real or fake, this doesn’t really constitute as anything particularly interesting for the media to be reporting on it as often as they do. Unless he does something outrageous, then what’s the big deal? So he says he wants to be a rapper? So what? Let him do what he wants, even if he sounds like a fool. Please….. like it is the first time we have had to tolerate a non-talented rapper.

I have to admit, the part when he does a drunken wipe out at the end of the second video did make me chuckle for about 15 seconds.

I suggest that if this whole thing is really material for an alleged documentary directed by his brother-in-law Casey Affleck, then PLEASE punch it up and make us REALLY LAUGH. Other wise.. this is a total soonzefest, and I am so BORED already..

Let’s give the spotlight to people who want to REALLY entertain please! 

On that note….

Nightly Candy…