Bill O’Reily: When Oh When Will His Show GET THE AXE!!!

Posted on March 17, 2009


Evening Sweeties

 For those who have seen Amateur night at The Apollo, when an act is booed by a majority of the audience a guy comes out to tap dance the failed act off the stage. We need that guy to go on Bill O’ Reily’s show and do a Gregory Hines/ Savion Glover number!  What is it going to take to get this impersonating journalist off of the air?

Bill O’Reily takes Americans back to a time where Jim Crow was normal and women were seen and not heard, and gay people… Fugget About it! I would have a sliver of an iota of respect for the man, if he could make an intelligent argument for his asinine remarks. He can’t even do that. He just gets all huffy, puffy, veiny and RED, and shouts over his guests, believing it makes him right! 

The following is a comment that O’Reily  made on his show regarding a dinner he had with Al Sharpton at Sylvia’s restaurant in Harlem. The audacity and blatant racism that spews from this his mouth is astonishing. Then he has the nerve to stand by his comments and say that they were  “misunderstood” and taken out of context. Ummmm… you take a listen, and let me know what you all think. 


It sounded pretty clear and intentional to me.  In addition to his questionable comments about race, gender, politics, , I want to remind everyone that he was accused of sexual harassment by one of his producers. Instead of claiming his “innocence” and he decided to settle out of court. I would think that the way he likes to wag his finger, and run his mouth on his program that he would have demanded to have his day in court. Smells like pure and unadulterated GUILT to me. He then accused the former producer of trying to “shake him down” for money. I say there aren’t enough millions in the world to ever atone for being the victim of sexual harassment by the likes of Bill O’Reily. That must have been so emotionally traumatic. Although money can never erase the wretched memories,  I believe  anyone deserves a whole lot of cash if they were subjected to an old, jowly, sweaty, man making unwanted and unwarranted sexual advances towards them  AT  their place of WORK!   

CAUTION:If you have a weak stomach or a vivid imagination, I would suggest skipping this one. 

 Oh the Horror of the HYPOCRISY of it all!!!

I could only stomach about a 45 seconds of this……ICK

 I don’t know what is scarier; his bi-polar mood swings, or that dead muskrat looking thing he passes off as hair?

I don’t stand alone in my disdain for O’Reily passing himself off as a “fair and balanced”  “journalist”. Bill Moyers, Keith Olbermann and many other highly respected REAL journalist have voiced very public opinion about their disappointment and concern with O’Reily’s weak and lame commentaries.

He deserves a good old fashion Amish style shunning.


For those who don’t know the definition of shunning is: the act of deliberately avoiding association with, and habitually keeping away from an individual or group. I’ve read the Amish are some of the best shunners around! Let’s take a lesson from them and simultaneously turn our backs on this foolish freak of nature!



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