Model Rejects Almost KILL EACH OTHER for a chance to get on America’s Next Model!

Posted on March 17, 2009


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Over the weekend in New York City tens of hundreds of desperate and delusional women gathered in the streets to audition for the yet another STUPID cycle of America’s Next Top Model!

tyrabanksbaldMost likely how Tyra really looks under her 3ft high wigs

(BTW: this photo came straight from the annals of America’s Next Top Model archives)

Tyra is relentless! I am all about women being in positions of power in the world, but Tyra Banks isn’t exactly the picture I have in mind.  My former housemates and I used to gather around at 5:30 pm to watch Tyra not to listen to a thought-provoking, inspiring show, but we knew whatever the topic, we would be in for a good laugh.

In February of last year , I was asked to be on the Tyra Banks Show to speak on a panel for her first annual Black Women’s Summit. She claimed this summit would focus on the core  issues that are facing black women in America today. I was asked to be on the show, to speak about my experiences with the glass ceiling as a black woman working in corporate America as a fashion designer in NYC.  My experience on her show was just dismal from the start. Living in NYC, I’ve had the opportunity to be on the set some talk shows, and it has been a great experience, EXCEPT for the Tyra Banks Show!   The ONLY thing that made me smile that day was to sit in the hair and make-up chair! The artists that work on her show are truly gifted!  Go figure they have to be amazing artists to cake those layers of  drag queen hair and makeup on Tyra’s face and balding head! The set was FREEZING on purpose so that the audience wouldn’t fall asleep. It took almost 2 and 1/2 hours to tape that day! It took so long, because Tyra kept stumbling over her words, missing her cues and her lines, and had to get her wig fixed and more make-up shellacked on every 15 minutes. It was RIDICULOUS! At the end of it all, s they edited the show so there were NO topics of substance discussed. The segment on black women in corporate America was severely CUT, because she wanted more air time to talk about hair weaves, and black women who are angry that they are single and blame it on black men preferring white women??? !!!! It was a sad state of affairs on many levels, but the two major reasons for me were  a) of course I wanted to get my face on national TV discussing an important issue (come on, who is going to turn down an opportunity to promote themselves b)I was pissed because this was an opportunity for Tyra  to show that she was worthy of the title she has given herself a “role model”. I should have known not to expect anything more from Tyra.

an excerpt from the Black Women’s Summit show. Role Model…hmm okay??

Staying true to Tyra Banks form, she has done it again!!!!

She announced last week  that her freak show America’s Next Top Model was going to have cycle 12  for women 5″7 and under. It’s just plain deceiving and down right mean to raise the hopes of the thousands of  vertically challenged girls who believed that THIS was their opportunity to take over America in the world of modeling. Hasn’t anyone learned yet that America’s Next Top Model is a total FARCE? There have been NO cycle winners that have left the show to become top models.  Some girls have walked in shows for fashion designers, been featured in music videos, and have had photo shoots here and there. ANTM It’s a television show, that is it and that is all! Tyra is in it for the Nielsen Ratings not to find a supermodel! I’ve worked in the fashion industry for several years. It is a CRUEL, CRUEL world. I have been at so many casting calls where they will not look at a girl TWICE if she is not 5″10 and 110 pounds wet. That is  JUST THE REALITY of the the world of high fashion. The only thing petite models can do within the industry is print or promotional work, that is it and it’s slim pic-kins even with that! I didn’t make the rules, I just know how the game is run.

Tyra is DEAD wrong for LYING to these innocent lambs, who do not know any better. She should also face criminal charges for calling an audition without ensuring safety by providing proper organization and security.

It was COMPLETE PANDEMONIUM when an over-heated car led these crazy model hopefuls to go BANANAS. Apparently someone thought it was a bomb and the madness ensued! At the end of the ordeal:  six women were injured and two women and one man were arrested for inciting a riot, according to authorities.

*Mar 14 - 00:05*All of this CHAOS for the false hopes of “making it” as a top model!!


“The metal barricade fell down,” said Kiara McCarthy, 19, of Levittown, L.I. “All of a sudden we heard this roar from behind us and we looked behind us and there’s a wave of people falling on top of us.”

Gabrielle Rose, 25, said several women started crying out in pain.

“We all fell on top of each other,” said Rose, of Scranton, Pa. “People were squished against the wall, screaming, ‘I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!’ ”

I seriously think Tyra and the officials of the CW need to be held accountable for this madness. According to the witnesses there was NO ORGANIZATION and NO ONE supervising these eager ladies.  How could that be possible?  It is crystal clear that the only thing that is important to Ms. Banks and her bosses at the CW is CASH MONEY $$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!

tyraThis picture speaks for itself!

Smells like an impending lawsuit from the women that were nearly crushed to death. I hope this will end the seemingly never ending cycle of ANTM and give the public a well deserved break from  this needless drama! Ugh.. I need to sip some chamomile tea after writing this post. My brain hurts just writing about it.


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