Who Knew Tom Green is a FRESH MC?

Posted on March 23, 2009


Evening Sweeties

 I have been a fan of Tom Green since back in the day (1999 style), when The Tom Green Show debuted on MTV.

The Tom Green Show was the first of its kind and most definitely was the inspiration for reality TV phenomenons like JackAss, The Ali G Show,  and a host of others. I don’t think Tom Green gets enough credit as being a pioneer in the reality TV movement.


Tom Green started from meager beginnings, but has worked his way up  to capture his  moments in the spotlight. He was in a few funny films, dated actress Drew Barrymore, and is a testicular cancer survivor. He is totally awesome in my book! He recently has come back on the national  radar as a part of the new cast of Celebrity Apprentice.

celebrity_apprentice_groupThe colorful and crazy cast of “Celebrity Apprentice”

I would never want to work for Donald Trump for all the dollars in the world. I know he has made millions of dollars but I couldn’t look him without grabbing my stomach from the outburst of laughter.  I can’t help it! His hair cracks me up on impact!

donald-trump-bad-hair-dayIt’s time for a weave Donald! 

All of these celebrities are looking to get in the limelight in any way they can. I can’t knock their hustle .  I haven’t watched the show this season but I did hear that Tom got the AXE this week. 


Don’t fret my pets, the exposure was a good thing for Tom! He currently has a live show every night at 11:00 pm on his website www.tomgreen.com. I checked it out and it is a good time! He is one of the funniest hosts on late night out there and his guests are a mixed bag of goodies!

I was also able to watch this jaw dropping footage of Tom and rapper Xzhibit.


superstock_1614r-11445UR Kidding Me?

As I lover of hip-hop music, I must say Tom Green has got a great flow! Seriously, he’s a lot better than many of these guys who are signing contracts with record labels now-a-days. I have a lot of respect for freestyle rappers, it’s amazing to me. I can freestyle for about 1.5 minutes before I start spitting out inaudible words and make no sense whatsoever. Although I don’t think Tom Green is  really ” freestyling” though.  I watched some other clips and he is spittin’ the exact same rhymes when he had the  hip-hop group Jurassic 5 was on his show. IRREGARDLESS, written rhymes or straight off the tip of his dome he’s got the right stuff. Who knew this comedy kid from Canada had mad skills?

I await the album. It’s just a matter of time. I know whenever it drops, it will be a good listen and hilarious too!


More treats soon my loves..


Night Night


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