Say It ‘Aint So! Could VH1 Have a Decent Reality Show?

Posted on March 24, 2009


Evening Sweeties

Could it be possible that VH1 actually has a reality show that doesn’t showcase the youth of today as a cesspool of sexed crazed people steadily losing the game of life?  I make it never a point to hold my breath so I’m sticking to that. In spite of this I am giving a thumbs up (so far) for “Tough Love”.

tough-loveCast of Vh1’s “Tough Love”!

“Tough Love” is a far cry from the tradition of  trashiness that the network has created for itself. Although the ratings for Flava of Love and I Love New York were record-breaking the  slimy stigma that was created has left a lasting negative effect.  It is totally irresponsible for VH1 to promote  swapping saliva and other secretions with random people when the rate of STD’s (among young women especially) are still on the rise. Where was the love when Flava Flav had a house full of women throwing themselves at him for the chance of being the last women standing when it was painfully apparent after the first and second seasons he had NO intention of having a relationship with any of them? I truly hope the network is moving in a different direction with this new show!

The first wonderful thing about “Tough Love” is that it is NOT produced by Chris Abrego and Mark Cronin (the producers of Flava of Love, I Love New York, and a host of other bad shows). Tough Love is produced by Flower Films which is headed  Drew Barrymore.

drew-barrymore-wallpaper-3Thank you for stepping in and lending your skills Drew!

Drew Barrymore has acting in her DNA and comes from a long lineage of  fine thespians. Her production company has produced such films as Donnie Darko ( a cult phenomenon and personal favorite!), Charlie’s Angels, and Never Been Kissed. Needless to say, she knows what she is doing when it comes to creating an engaging film that the public responds well to.

The concept of “Tough Love” starts with the brutally honest approach of relationship expert and matchmaker Steve Ward.

steven-wardSteve Ward serve it straight up!

Steve Ward and his mother Joann Ward are some of the best matchmakers in the US. They have created a “Tough Love Boot Camp” where  Steve works with a group of eight single women living together in a house for eight weeks to change their dating ways. Steve guarantees that if they follow his rules by the end of the eight weeks they will be ready for love. My first reactions before watching the show were the following: “Pleeaaasee, like VH1 is in the business of helping people! They are just going to edit the material to make these ladies look like foolish women of the night!”

After watching the first two episodes my thoughts have changed.


These women are a true representation of many across the U.S who are desperate, single , and have no idea why. The cast of  “Tough Love” is composed of classic archetypes of the single woman: the ‘too much too soon’ the ‘hopeless romantic’, the ‘gold digger’, the ‘fixing the wrong guys’ (I’ve fell victim to that one too many times.)  and the ‘stalker ‘. Steve Ward gets real with these women calling them out on their issues in an attempt to allow them to see the errors of their ways. Some of these women have some serious emotional problems that if it were not for this show I am not sure if these women would have any chance of battling their demons without seeking the help of a counselor.

Through the course of the 8 episodes Steve Ward will use his dating 101 tips to assist these women in changing the ways that they view themselves so that they can send out a more positive vibe to the universe to attain the relationships they desire.  It’s an undisputed fact that when you think positive thoughts, positive things will occur. It’s the law of attraction. There isn’t anything wrong with that in my book! I know it is only the first episode BUT I am going to call my favorites so far. There are two who are in the running.

Natasha and Abiola win hands DOWN for the Nightly Candy Sweeties of the day!

Nightly Candy SWEETIE Award

Nightly Candy SWEETIE Awards


Natasha- Tough Love


Abiola - Tough Love


I could just envision myself ordering rounds of cocktails with these ladies.  I believe these women will resonate and connect with viewers because they have such likeable qualities and characteristics that most young, successful women today possess. I am crossing my fingers, eyes, and even these toes that they both will benefit from this show and find lasting love.

I am sure there are many feminists  that will throw up their fists in anger and protest of  this show. My response is: put down your picket signs for a minute and chill. I’m a feminist. I believe that women should have equality on a social, political, and economic level with men.  I also believe every women should have the opportunity to manifest the desires of their own heart; whether you want to be a CEO of a fortune 500 company or a housewife who loves her man and 10 children.  The women on “Tough Love” have reached adulthood without  having had anyone assist them to adjust their skewed perceptions of themselves and how they relate to men.  I’m in favor of any method that grabs the attention of women to change their negative perceptions of themselves so that they can attain the loving relationships they seek. There is nothing more empowering for a woman than self-awareness and self-worth.

Who knew it could be possible to watch people make positive life changes and be entertained at the same time? Who knew that it could be possible on VH1 of all the channels in the cable universe? As stated before I’m not holding my breath but it looks promising so far.  I’ll be watching and give you my thoughts as the season progresses!


Update: July 2009

I had the chance to sit down face to face with Natasha from Tough Love! I just love living in NYC! Check out part 1 of our interview.

More sweet treats to be served soon!

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