My BEEF With the Sobe Lifewater Lizard: Part Deux

Posted on March 26, 2009



 Evening Sweeties

I thought my experience with the Sobe Lizard had come to an end yesterday, but today was a brand new day! I just checked my replies and he spoke again! My jaw dropped at the fact I have been able to peek the curiosity of the the Sobe company and this  little lizard once again!

The “lizard” said in response to my Twitwall post: 

sobeworld@nanaadjoa ha wow! Love that we are the focus of a whole post. This lizard is popular! & no this lizard doesn’t handle hiring decisions.

I just was just so amazed that I had kept his attention that he not only read the post, but responded.

I responded back with:

@sobeworld LOL! I’m glad you liked it enough to keep writing me back! I’m also posting it on my blog too! Thanks 4 the material! xoxo

then two hours later from Tweet Deck


another reply from the Sobe Lizard

sobeworld@nanaadjoa Glad to be of service! I’ve(got) to help people create funny blog posts!

The power of the world wide web is unbelievable! You just never know who is watching and reading. 

Another amazing thing is that these Sobe Lizard Twitter posts have influenced a  very young and hip creative designer /videographer who calls herself the Purple Vintage Space Princess to create her own Sobe commercial.

She wrote to me yesterday to tell me she loved my post. She wrote:

Hmmmm! Well, I must say, GREAT WRITE UP:) BUT THIS COMMERCIAL WAS SO STUUUUPID!!!!!! I hate to be so negative about someone’s (or in the this case, the Sobe marketing team) creative efforts but I really don’t like it. I will toot my own horn to say that I could (AND WOULD) come up with something way better than this and gladly take the pay for it.

Looks like this lady doesn’t mince words! She made up her own commercial with the Sobe LifeWater music “So Believe” by Stacy Barthe. 

It’s super cool!! 

I think that the Sobe people should think about this way of marketing. In lieu of the popularity of reality TV I think infusing real people in commercial advertising is the future!!! Besides it’s a whole lot cooler than football players prancing around.  

I can just see it now… PVSP jumping in the air and doing summersaults with a 3D Sobe lizard!


Let’s believe that it will happen! 

I can’t wait to share with you the next segment of this saga! It sure is getting interesting!


More soon sweeties!


Night Night