My BEEF With the Sobe LifeWater Lizard!

Posted on March 26, 2009



 Hey Sweeties

When I am writing I usually like to have the music blaring to get me in the zone! Once in a while I like to turn on the tube and have some mindless show on in the background to create noise. I can’t remember what was on, but I did pay attention to the latest commercial from the drink company Sobe! It was the third time I had seen it and I was really perplexed? I wasn’t sure what exactly the point was? It couldn’t have been to buy a Sobe? It made me want to run for a Vitamin Water or better a Poland Springs.

For those who haven’t seen it. It goes a little something like this:  three husky dudes dressed in white spandex suits (first offense). I don’t know about you all, but now matter how hot I think a guy is, I never want to see him in spandex.

Second, I know that Sobe has a lizard as their trademark. I have nothing against lizards, but are they appealing? Ummm… I say no. Whoever was in charge of the direction of the commercial thought it would be a great selling point to turn the three husky dudes into 3D scary looking lizards.

The real shocker here is that I wrote a little something about it on Twitter. I wrote exactly this:

Has anyone seen the new commercial for Sobe Lifewater? I don’t get the marketing at all? Doesn’t make me want to buy one!

To my shock I got a response from Sobeworld an hour later stating:

sobeworld@nanaadjoa it sure makes me want to buy one! Not that this lizard has a problem getting his claws on Lifewater!

I was like: WOAH!! Twitter is no joke!

So then I wrote back:@sobeworld kind of have to say that! can you explain it to me? Especially the three dudes dancing about who turn into lizards?

Sobeworld responded with: @nanaadjoa They are football players Matt Light, Ray Lewis and Justin Tuck. Football players ballet dancing = funny

The only thing funny going on there was the response from Sobeworld! Whoever at Sobe thought that was funny, was sorely mistaken. I didn’t crack a smile it was more like a wince. I didn’t want to be mean though, so I wrote back a witty but to the point response: @sobeworld I guess you’re marketing lifewater towards football fans. I don’t know football. As a comedy writer i only know jokes 🙂

then I followed up with:@sobeworld : I still like sobe though!! Let me know if you might need some freelance writers for marketing. 🙂

Needless to there wasn’t a response to that! LOL 

They should totally take me up on their offer though. I could spice up there commercials with some witty and truly funny material. 

The moral of this story is: Anyone and Everyone is using Twitter! Use it to your advantage!

That’s all she wrote for today Sweeties..

More Soon!

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