Can’t Get Enough of RuPaul!!

Posted on March 31, 2009


Evening Sweeties

I’m a big fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race! It was a FANTASTIC REALITY SHOW! RuPaul hasn’t lost a BEAT! She was fiercer and funnier than EVER! Although the show was about finding the next drag super star I sure wanted more of RU!

albert_sanchez_lili_marlainThe FABULOUS Ru-Paul

I love the fact that this show was so much more than the silly competitions that flood the airwaves. This show WAS NOT about a  bunch of reality show has-beens doing ridiculous stunts for the chance at 250,000 dollars. RuPaul’s Drag Race was groundbreaking. It was the first time on national television that drag was brought to the living-rooms of middle America. It made a strong statement about drag as being art form. The show scratched the surface when some of these men shared personal pain of being rejected by their families because of their sexuality and one cast member Ongina revealed that he was HIV positive.

It was not only revolutionary it was hysterically entertaining as well.

There are too many memorable moments but one thing is for sure.

I have Rupaul’s single “Cover Girl put the BASE in your walk” stuck in my head. The beat is fabulous! It’s the type of tune you want to get down on the dance-floor with when you’re out with your girls. The last episode when the final three were featured  in the video was one of  my personal favorite moments of the whole show.


You can catch the entire season PLUS the reunion special PLUS hilarious out-takes on online on Logo’s webisite! Although the first season did end a couple weeks ago perhaps some of you have not had a chance to watch it yet. I won’t give everything away because I know how it is to have a swamped schedule and not get to enjoy all of my favorite shows on time. I am a total fan of TIVO and On-Demand!

I will say that my top three queens of the first seasons are:

Ongina, Nina Flowers, and Bebe aka Camaroo00000n! Those girls were too FIERCE! Nina and Ongina especially rocked some BREATHTAKING outfits! I had to put the show on pause and take notes so that I could copy some of those styles. That’s right… I can take some fashion inspiration from a drag queen! Quite frankly most of these men on this show looked better than a whole lot of women I see on the subway everyday.

bebe-zahara-benetBebe Zahara Benet aka CAMAROON!! A personal favorite!

nina-flowersLoca Loca!! This FIERCE Queen had some of the edgiest outfits I have ever seen!


Ongina is the Asian male Carrie Bradshaw!

Rupaul’s Drag Race gets a whopping THUMBS UP from Nightly Candy! I am anxiously awaiting Season Two!!


More soon sweeties..


Night Night