Hurry Up and Pop OUT that Kid Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Make Your FINAL EXIT from the World of TV

Posted on March 31, 2009


Good Evening Ladies, Gents, Hoes, Pimps, Hustlers, and everyone else who is checking in with Nightly Candy!!!
Tonight I  focus my energy and attention on the whiny, annoying, biznene Elizabeth Hasselbeck who is a part of the ridiculously annoying show on ABC “The View”.
We don’t have enough time and I am straight up out of liquor so I can’t get into how much I think this show needs to be evaporated from sight and sound.
With the exception of Whoopi Goldberg ( I can’t ever say anything bad about that woman she’s an iconic legend!) what the hell was ABC thinking? Barbara Walter’s looks 90 years old, and her views are equally as ancient.
Sorry kids, my Photoshop Cs3 is on order! I couldn't spare you with some retouching from the fright that is her face

sorry I couldn't photoshop her face. I tried it just made it look worse.

She has HAD her day in the spotlight!   It  is time to pass on the torch Barbara!! I know there has to be something else she can do with herself in her elder years. Like polishing up on board-games like Shasta (I have NO idea what exactly it entails but I’ve heard old people play it) or Bridge. I just think it’s ridiculous that one anchorwoman can have longevity on the SAME network for nearly 30-40 years? That’s pure insanity!!  How can someone so old give new life and perspective to what is going on our world today?
Enough about Babs! The real the true reason why “The View” gives me a migraine is :
A MIGRAIN waiting to happen
Elmo is like “Let go of me…NOW!! Maria…Grover.. Big Bird SEND HELP KWIK!!!”
How is she still on ABC?  I thought FOX TV would have offered her double her contract by now to join their legion of demons!  She would fit like a glove right next to the racist, homophobic, Bill O’Reily, Sean Hannity etc.  I cannot  STAND a woman that can’t articulate a point without doing the stereotypical “whining and crying” that this Biznene does almost everyday on this show.
Elizabeth whines like a child when her stupid points are challenged. She cries because Whoopi asks her questions that you can’t answer. Tears are in order for that Elizabeth? Barbara’s role when she does pop her head in  is to be be a mother figure to Elizabeth. Cooing her and letting suck from her proverbial withered tit . (I know it’s a disgusting visual. For this I apologize profusely)
If you can stomach it check out the clip of Whoopi and Lizzy getting into over the “N” word!
On second thought:
I can’t post this clip.
It’s way to painful to watch and I just can’t do that to my readers. I love you all too much. 
 Here is something a little bit easier to digest!
If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past several years you might remember the nasty war that waged between Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump ! It got pretty nasty between those two. She was making fun of his lack of hair and he fired back calling her a “fat, ugly, LOSER”. Eeeks.  The facts from my perspective are: 1) Rosie isn’t attractive and she most certainly is fat, the loser part I’m not sure about simply because I’d have to know one on a personal level to make that assumption. Donald Trump does has the worst hair in Hollywood hands down. They both have valid points. Besides, who really cares about the war of words between those two.  Well Rosie is clearly still upset. On the Martha Stewart show today she was talking about  the Donald.
I’m simply giving you a point of reference because I have included a clip from Trump on his opinion of Elizabeth Hasselbeck when asked by some cheesy tabloid news reporter during the hey day of the war between he and Rosie. I think this sums up Hasselbeck and what most intelligent Americans thinks of her. 
 Unfortunaley have spent the past 30 minutes watching “The View” clips  on You Tube and its like a train wreck!
I can’t stop watching although my brain in pulsating!
C’est Fini! It is finished!
More soon sweeties!
Nighty Night