Bravo Beefed up a “Brawl” Between BenSimone and Bethenny but it was a BUST!

Posted on April 3, 2009



Evening Sweeties

 Since the first season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta I just haven’t been impressed with any other reality shows that Bravo has released . Although the other Housewives series are popular NONE of them have the drama and umph that those Atlanta ladies possessed. (minus DeShawn Snow of course)


I had caught the previews for this weeks show 3/31/09  and I thought I would reluctantly give it a try!

The commercials were created to make the viewing audience believe that there was going to be an intense showdown between Kelly BenSimone and Bethenny Frankel. 

340xBig Back BenSimone

bethenny-frankelThe quick witted Bethenny Frankel

35 minutes into the episode I realized I had fallen for the bait!

There was no BRAWL at all.

It was just Kelly BenSimone acting like a chemically imbalanced fool.

I felt so cheated that I wanted to write about it BUT it was just too painful. I thought it would be best to express my disappointment on video. 

Drum-roll  PLEASE ……………………………………

Introducing Nightly Candy’s premiere episode on Youtube!

In the future I’ll bring snippets of this blog to a wider audience via YouTube. 

Stay Tuned because more episodes are to follow.

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More sweet treats soon!


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