So OVER John Mayer!

Posted on April 10, 2009


Evening Sweeties


I know that I DO NOT stand alone on this subject.

Although John Mayer continues to be one of the most popular celebrities his antics are completely irritating and have left me with a sour taste and not the sour-patch yummy candy kind either!


johnmayer_284 Bleeeeeeeiiiiiiiccccckkkk

Therefore I have declared his celebrity to be “So Over”. Whenever any celebrity gets over-saturated in the press they become like Macdonald’s french fries  that have been left in the fryer for too long.

This is the exact status that John Mayer has reached in my opinion. I don’t believe that his artistry is that poignant that he warrants such media focus.

 At least there is one positive aspect Mayer has provided me with some prime material for my comedy. 

Extra special thanks to John for that one!!


More sweet treats soon!

Night Night

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