Big Back BenSimon Strikes Back with a Whole Bunch of STUPID!!

Posted on April 13, 2009


Evening Sweeties

Happy belated Easter to all of my Gentiles out there! Happy Belated Passover to my Jews too!

I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts last week. Nightly Candy is on the verge of getting some assistance so that when the trials and tribulations of life strike (or a case of the common cold) and I can have someone else get me a latte and transcribe these posts because it is SO IMPERATIVE that you all stay entertained! 

 I nearly chocked on my tea and toast when I happened to catch this “article” (if you can call it that) in UsWeekly. The reason for the crumbs and liquid being temporarily lodged in my throat was because I was in mid laugh as I read this STUPID STUPID rant from no one other than BBBS!


kelly_bensimon1A Horse is  a Horse of Course of Course

UsWeekly is clearly suffering from the raid decline of magazine sales that they let the desperation convince them to include the asinine thoughts from this Thoroughbred in their magazine. I don’t think Kelly BenSimon is helping those issues sell any faster. 

First of all when I think of FEUD I think of two biznenes getting down and dirty with some serious mudslinging! What went on between Bethenny and BBBS was like an episode of Degrassi Jr. High (the new version… the old school ones would totally surpass Bethenny vs. BBBS in a heartbeat I LOOOVED the OLD Degrassi I seriously suggest checking it out if you are a sucker for HS dramas!)

BBBS totally proved her mania by spending her interview time whinning about how Bethenny called her “inauthentic” on the show. 

Kelly said, “Honestly, if being inauthentic means graduating from Columbia University, writing three books, starting two magazines, bearing two children, being the ambassador for wool, running a marathon for charity — if that’s inauthentic? Tell me what authentic is.”

I knew that BBBS was loony tunes before reading this interview but this was the total hook, line, and sinker confirmation for me. WHAAAT kinds of prescription drug combination was BBBS on the day she decided to flap her collagen filled lips to an editor? The fact that she would mention where she went to school and her exaggerated accomplishments as proof that she an authentic individual is the direct proof positive that Bethenny was RIGHT ON!

AN AMBASSADOR of WOOL??? I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around what she could have possibly meant by that? It makes NO SENSE at all!  I wonder in her drug induced haze what magazine she imagined that she “started”? To go as low as to site pushing two kids out of her vadge as proof of authenticity is just a low down dirty shame. She couldn’t even conjure up enough brain cells to bold face lie and say something like “she is a good mother.” Perhaps she knew no one would ever buy that crock.  

 You would think that this Biz would have shut up after spewing out some of the dumbest quotes in the world called it a day. It wasn’t OVER!

She blabbed on and on and on

Is Bethenny a socialite? No. Will she ever sit next to Lauren DuPont? No. Is she best friends with Aerin Lauder? No. Am I? No. Do I care? No. Does she? Oh, absolutely. She’s not authentic.”

I’ve heard so many stupid things come out of the mouths of D list reality show celebrities but my goodness this is on a whole other level. BBBS needs to pull all the fledgling brain matter she has left together to raise her daughters (poor things), seek a counselor for her manic racehorse anger issues, stay out of the sun and instruct her dermatologist to chill on the chemical peels and microdermabrasion because her face is looking like stage three Rosacea combined with 3 hours on a tanning bed. The Housewives of NYC finished tapping months ago I can’t wait for the season to be OVER so then BBBS can fizzle away like her the elasticity did on her skin years ago.


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