I’d Rather Paper Cut My Eardrums on Purpose than Listen to Heidi Montag Sing!

Posted on April 13, 2009


Evening Sweeties

There is no way I could even spend 250 words on this debacle.

In my opinion the release of the 5th season of The Hills was cruel and unusual punishment. We’ve suffered enough of the chalkboard screeching antics of Lauren LC Conrad, Audrina, Heidi, Spencer, and Brody. 


ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO MORE!!!!!!!!

I thought that the 5th season was a complete and total joke BUT nothing could be more hilarious than Heidi Montag “singing.”

87174_preview-the-hills-season-5rich parents, plastic surgery and extensions CAN’T replace real talent

I pity this fool! She is just one of those weak women with no self-esteem that allows herself to be controlled and manipulated by her friends, family, and that Teen Wolf Wannabe Douche Spencer Pratt.

spencer-prattMy Mother always said BEWARE of man with a beard the same color as his skin!

Rumor has it that Spencer is the mush for brains behind Heidi’s singer career. It’s so embarrassing I can’t even bare  make fun of it because the jokes are all there! I don’t have to say a word!

33 seconds was ALL anyone could stomach. I CANNOT believe that Itunes would even allow such a hiddeous song to be in their music index. 

Well at least it gave me something to crack up about tonight. I hope it did the same for you too!


More sweet treats coming up soon!!


Night Night