DON’T EAT @ DOMINOS!!!!!!!!!! Or Anywhere Else for That Matter.

Posted on April 15, 2009


Evening Sweeties

I hope everyone is feeling fancy and free tonight! It was quite the DAY and I am so glad a new one has just begun! When I came across this clip I immediately was taken back to the days of my undergraduate studies. Dominos Pizza was unfortunately apart of my college experience and most definitely one of the many reasons why I was a victim of the freshman 15. (more like freshman 25)

Seriously! I went to school in a small college town where Dominos was the only CHEAP place that was open late and delivered! 

After I watched this clip I felt like reverting back mentally to those days so that I could stick my fingers down my throat and force it all up! Why wasn’t I bulimic back then?


 The sad thing is that this is I know that is deplorable behavior doesn’t just happen at Dominos. Unfortunately the reality is that this is the behavior by disgruntled employees takes place  at most eateries AND I am sure it happens NOT just at the inexpensive ones either. Lets not be naive. We all know that at those fancy restaurants when a cook drops a 100 dollar pieces of meat on the floor they will pick it up and serve it anyway just like nothing ever happened. 


I feel like I NEVER want to eat out again anywhere again!

It’s too much of a gamble. For those who don’t cook I suggest buying a Digornio frozen pizza and call it a day. I know its frozen but seriously it is some of the best pizza that I have EVER had in my life. 

1196386555-22662_fullcan’t go wrong with a box of Digornio

By the Way: in case you were wondering those two fools were fired. I think they also should spend sometime in solitary confinement. I don’t even want to let my mind wander to think what other DISGUSTING things they have done that were not captured on camera. Bacteria in food can kill as we all are aware with the recent episodes that have been in the news. This behavior should NOT be tolerated and I say make and example out of those two!

More Sweet Treats Soon Kids..


Night Night