Who Knew…. HoHan Had Humor? Aniston Should Take Notes.

Posted on April 16, 2009


Evening Sweeties

It is so refreshing to see that a Hollywood celebrity can LAUGH at herself! There is NO ONE that reads this blog who doesn’t know who Lindsay Lohan is. Her name (and many nicknames) have been in the tabloids basically since she left puberty.  

 Lindsay isn’t the only Lohan to be in the tabloids. Her mother, father, and sister have worked their way into the world of paparazzi photographers and TMZ reporters hiding in bushes ready to capture their every move and they LOVE every minute!

Unlike a lot of celebrities who PRETEND to be “so bothered” by the press the Lohan’s seem to chase after it like Flo Jo running towards the finish line.

I hate it when celebrities whine and complain on talk shows about “their right to privacy” or getting upset and sometimes down right aggressive and violent ( Seal, Kanye West, Sean Penn etc.) It’s so hypocritical when they act so shocked when the paparazzi is taking pictures of them at dinner with their kids when THEIR AGENTS are 99.9% of the time responsible for calling the photographers to tip them off on their clients whereabouts. It’s all such a game. Which is why Lohan gets a Nightly Candy two thumbs up for being able to as the Brits say to “take the piss” and LAUGH at herself!

I wish that Lindsay could teach a class to some other tightly wound celebrities and their equally anal rententive fans (ahem.. ahem.. Jennifer Aniston and her lunatic fans on sites not worthy to mention)

If Jennifer would loosen up and learn to LAUGH at the antics and games her and her publicity team plays she would gain SO much more favor and more fans.


Well  I suppose that would involve possessing just a wee bit of acting chops to be able to pull off a really funny comedic sketch.

It’s all good though! There fortunately is still a whole lifetime of material to us to use and for that we thank you! 


More sweet treats soon!

Night Night