I Hope the Dominos Derelicts Get What They Deserve b/c One of Them is a Convicted Sex Offender!!

Posted on April 21, 2009


Evening Sweeties

 I was super disgusted by the Dominos debacle from last week.  

People make jokes about fast food places doing disgusting things to the food all the time. Jokes are one thing thing but it’s a whole different ball game to do such vile things and video tape it for the world to see. It was apparent these two were complete idiots from jump street. 

ap0904150306351Tweedledee and Tweedleedumber

32-year-old Michael Setzeralready  31-year-old Kristy Hammonds were charged in North Carolina with distributing prohibited foods. Setzeralready was able to make bail but not the the videographer Tweedledumber. It’s not hard to believe that she either a)doesn’t have any people around her to rally and scrape together bail or b) they have the money but they rather see her in jail or c) Kristy Hammonds is a convicted sex offender.

  The answer unfortunately is C.

I received a link from a credible Nightly Candy reader early this morning.

According to Meditakeout (who is shamelessly taking credit for breaking this disgusting news) Kristy Hammond is a sex offender.

1239891895kristyoffender2This is stomach turning information

On the video she announced at the end that she and Tweedledee were both gay. I’m not sure what exactly that had to do with anything at all. I am sure that last tidbit of information will circle around the NC prison and those ladies will know exactly what to do with both of them.

It did however inspire these two comedians to create this hilarious skit. At least something creative came out of this disgusting hot mess.

I am so glad my parents raised me to enjoy the pleasures of a home cooked meal! 


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