Bravo has Sunk to a New Definition of LOW with Housewives of New Jersey

Posted on April 28, 2009


Evening Sweeties

 In elementary school I learned that the great Egyptians had a unique way of embalming bodies that included removing the brain through the nose. That is exactly how I would describe the misfortune of watching half and episode the Housewives of New Jersey. Of course I saw this coming. Even a mere glance of the promotional photo for this show is an indication that these “ladies” (I use that term loosely) are on a totally different level than the women of NYC, O.C, and Atlanta and that sure is saying a whole lot!

housewives_newjersey320be very thankful I made this image on the small side

Jersey Girls have always freaked me out.  When I first moved to the city and went out every night I would encounter plenty of New Jersey folks.  Some New Yorkers refer to NJ club goers as BTT (aka Bridge & Tunnel Trash) . I know it is harsh (don’t get mad at me I didn’t come up with the phrase) however it was always easy to spot out the NJ crowd by the definitive fake nails, Bon Jovi big hair, and spray tan for days.

Coincidentally in the introduction to The Housewives of New Jersey one of the housewives described being from New Jersey as “big hair, fake nails, and airbrushing” .

Straight from the horses mouth

The most irritating, vapid of characters from the housewives series have come in duos: Tamara and Vicki from Housewives of O.C, Sheree and Kim from Housewives of Atlanta, and Kelly BenSimone and Jill Zarin from NYC.

Even without watching an entire episode I can confidently conclude that each one of these New Jersey “ladies” surpass annoying and climb into the realm of psychologically disturbed. It takes the fun out of it for me if I am watching people battling different degrees of mental illness.

If I hailed from New Jersey I would be embarrassed that these women are so proud to represent the state I lived in. I rather watch two episodes back to back of Intervention any day.

Night Night