One Highlight and One Too Many Lowlights from the I Love Ray J Reunion Show

Posted on April 29, 2009


Evening Sweeties

Although I didn’t even bother watching the last handful of  episodes of For the Love of Ray J I just had to to Tivo the reunion special! I was slightly curious to see who “won” the show and the possibility of watching some  hair pulling smack talk was slightly intriguing.

SURPRISINGLY the women were able to hold it together.  I don’t have to remind you that the Rock of Love and I Love New York , and Flava of Love reunion shows have been straight up GANGSTA (well as gangsta as Vh1 can get). I remember on the  I Love New York reunion show  Becky “Buckwild” threw her shoe at New York and then had the nerve to sell it on Ebay afterwards .

I must say the hour was made worthwhile when DANGER came on the stage!


Abrego and Cronin are thanking their lucky stars that they picked this women because she made the show interesting. I like Danger for the simple fact she keeps it REAL in a world full of fake tricks who will say anything to get their mug on TV. She’s is a witty one. Last night was one of the best disses I have heard all year when she shut Unique down by telling her nonchalantly

“Oh wait…… don’t I know you? You were in the Wiz right?”


unique_wizThis quick witted DISS had me rolling BUT if we have to break it down

unique_wizardIt was the original Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz look Unique was truly sporting

Whether it’s The Wizard of Oz or The Wiz it is still HILARIOUS and Danger definitely receives the Nightly Candy quick wit award for the night!

Of course it cut Unique like a hot knife slicing into some cake. Her rebuttal was

“well….. you’re a paid prostitute”  nice try but NO CIGAR .

Her attempt at a diss was totally obliterated when someone from the audience shouted out 

“well at least she was PAID!”


All Danger said in response to that was “I’m not going to talk about that”

ray_reunion_12could she have smashed the homeys for $$$?

WOW.. From the sounds of that response perhaps there might have had some truth to it. Be that as it may the past in the past and that STILL doesn’t excuse Unique for being on national television in that outfit and with that hideous hair. 

There were some other aspects of the show that were points of hilarity for me. 

ray_reunion_9 ” CHICAGO LARRY”  

 I found this segment of the show to be quite amusing because he looks exactly like this 55 year old lanky white dude that I make fun of in my comedy act. The cross racial resemblance is astounding! I WISH I could show you a picture… but I am not cruel. Besides the personal yucks I don’t think he added anything to the show to be honest. His personality is so droll after 60 seconds it was like “whatever…  on to the NEXT”

An  honorable mention for lunacy must go to the 6ft 5 freak of nature know on the show as “Stilts”.  

 “Stilts” proved without a shadow of a doubt that she is many bricks shy of a full load when she defended the fact that she is married and came on the show “looking for love”.

ray_reunion_5like my sister always says “you can’t rationalize with crazy”

It’s just an uphill battle in the desert with NO WATER or a cactus is sight to try and reason with someone who is off their rocker. It’s a waste of time. This “woman” wasn’t trying not trying to hear a bit a sane reasoning from anyone. She claims to be in an open marriage and she wanted to explore if the “grass was greener on the other side”.

Good luck with all that Stilts

Last and  most surely least is my point of hilarious contention with the host of the evenings debauchery LaLa. I don’t really understand HOW she gets these gigs? She just doesn’t take command as a host. She doesn’t ask probing questions or give any worthwhile opinions. That is the point of these shows. The host is supposed to be the ring leader and get the party started.  At least if you aren’t going to bring anything valuable to the show please have a slamming outfit on so the fashionistas can  possibly gain some inspiration. 

ray_reunion_7this “dress” looks like something on the sale rack at one of those stores where nothing is more than 25.00 $

Geesh.. VH1 next time you need to bribe Perez Hilton to host . AT LEAST it is a guarantee that even if the girls are totally boring he will give us zingers and one liners that will have us rolling. 

It was anti-climatic when Cocktail (the “winner” whatever that means) came out. She didn’t look so hot. She actually looked much better on the show. Ray J did not seem happy to see her at all. He gave her a grand-mama kiss on the cheek. In her mind I am sure she was like “oh hell no.. he just gave me some weak kiss??”. Then she grabbed his face and started pawing at him.


 We all know the way the VH1 C list celebrity reality shows go….

 In a few months they will announce “For the love of Ray J II”. If Ray J can keep himself from impregnating any of them for the second season then a third season will follow soon afterwards.

It’s getting super old now.

I am sure that Abrego and Cronin  are in a basement stirring up a cauldron of super disgusting degeneracy  for the next Ray J installment as they MWUUUAAAHHHHH HHAAAAAAA all the way to the bank.


 More Nightly Candy treats coming up soon.

Night Night