“Tough Love” Takes Out the Trash!

Posted on April 30, 2009


Evening Sweeties

It is about time that the producers of Tough Love got real and tossed out the trash!


Arian Nation needs the type of help that comes with a straight-jacket and intravenous anti-psychotics.

It was an insult to the other women for her to have been on the show poisoning the air with the stench of her insecurities. I am not sure how she slipped unto the show in the first place. I believe the intention of the show was for women to re-examine why they are having issues in relationships.   According to Arian Nation she couldn’t even ever hold down a relationship for more than 2 weeks. It was clear from watching her within the first two episodes that she had some serious psychological issues that needed to be addressed before she should even have thoughts of relationship let alone have opportunity to have Steve Ward assist her to attain a healthy one.

If you haven’t had the painful experience of watching one of Arian’s many breakdowns then feast your eyes on this. 

Arian Breaks Down Over her Funbags

Hard to watch eh? 

 It was even more embarrassing to watch the last episode where we meet the woman responsible for raising pathetic Arian Nation. The old saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is SO evident in this Mother-Daughter duo. I had pity on the girl because it was obvious she was the victim of  bad parenting. Instead of her Mother being appalled by watching her daughter stroke a young man’s genitals under the table IN PUBLIC while  shouting out “be nice to me and you’ll get laid” Arian’s mother’s reaction  was to laugh at her daughter degrading herself on national TV. 

It gets WORSE!

Arian’s Myspace page.  

Arian Nation

You don’t have to hold a degree in Psychology to know instantly that her scary half naked silicone injected poses in her pictures scream “Daddy… Daddy why wasn’t I good enough?”

I could only look at a few pictures before I felt like taking a hot bath and reading my Bible to feel clean again. Only a higher power can intervene to save someone so lost.  Lawd please have mercy upon her for she knows not what she does.

Night Night