Finally…..A Good Episode of Housewives of New York City

Posted on May 2, 2009


Evening Sweeties

Bravo finally pulled together a good episode of Housewives of NYC.  Tuesday’s (4/28) episode was titled “The Van Kampens House Party”.  The droll duo scurried like rats across the subway platform to finish the renovations on their Brooklyn townhouse so they could show it off to all of their friends. Alex and Simon are unoriginal and a real snoozefest. 

The ultimate highlight was the introduction of Bethenny Frankel’s friend and hairdresser Francky L’Official!


ooooh la la la la la la

Where has Bravo been hiding this fine French piece of art? They would have had higher ratings for the second season if they had created a story around him much earlier on! He is the cats MEOW!

He is such a sweet piece of eye candy  and let’s face it Bravo has NEVER given us anyone sweet for our eyes (gay, straight, or whatever)  during any of the Housewives series ; so this is a  monumental feat!

Not only is Francky L’Official an amazingly talented hairdresser who has styled the locks of many of the hottest celebs he proved himself to be an awesome friend to Bethenny.  He keeps her hair looking fresh AND he hooked her up on a date with his fine friend Phillipe. I need to get myself a friend like Francky STAT!

As for Part Deux of the “feud” between Kelly and Bethenny; it was non existent. Kelly is certifiable and she proves it every time her chemically peeled face is on camera! Listening to her feels like my brain has been placed in a blender and someone pressed the smoothie button. I wish I could use her for my comedic material but her mental deficiency is so low that I am almost at a level of pity for her.

Watch as Kelly BenSimone exudes the ramblings of a lunatic

Actually the just now I have reached the level of pity for this thoroughbred . I just came across her her Facebook page! Apparently it was her birthday today and she felt the need to post on her wall :

recovering from max throwing cupcakes in my face. it was even in my noseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



big back bensimone's Facebook page

She is so desparate for attention that she wants people to believe that she spent her birthday in a food fight with Max. Oooh Kelly…. Kelly… Kelly… Kelly…. NO ONE who watches the show is buying that story . Please Max is AFRAID of you! Ever since you bashed your other boy toys’s face in everyone is running for the hills from this power puncher! It is apparent that Argentinian Max is interested in two things 1) a Green card and 2)Camera time. When two people find each other attractive the pheromones are a blazing and it is evident to anyone who is watching. For example when Bethenny and hottie Philippe were out on a date it was SO evident that they were both attracted together. It was so freaking cute to watch! I am SO glad that Bethenny wins for having the hottest guy on the show. I know that must make Kelly’s blood boil.

I think it is safe to say that if Bravo will do another season of Housewives of NYC they will drop Kelly BenSimone like a hot potato. She’s tainted now with the cloud of assault and battery looming over her head. I think that Bravo should approach Francky with replacing BenSimone.  It would be  parfait

(perfect in French!)

My vote is for Francky L’Official for the next NYC Housewife!


I wonder if Kelly will have the cojones to show up for the reunion set for May 12? That should be interesting to say the least . Stay tuned for my thoughts on that future debacle.


Night Night for Now