Brace Your Eyes Before Watching Daisy of Love

Posted on May 4, 2009


Evening Sweeties

Abrego and Cronin have done it yet again!

They have found a special recipe for creating the trashiest realities shows in television history. However do they do it? Actually.. I don’t want to know the answer to that question.

Daisy of Love has reached a new level of nasty!

I couldn’t help but notice that Daisy reminded me of someone?  I knew it was someone reminiscent from childhood but I just couldn’t put my finger on it UNTIL it HIT ME!

She is a dead ringer for that Muppet that played the electric guitar! I never knew this particular Muppet’s name but it really doesn’t matter because it is so fitting.


As much as Daisy’s implants and collagen filled lips are over the top it is really her potential “love” interests that take the cake as being the fugliest I have ever seen on reality TV. Where did Cronin and Abrego find these men? The mere sight of them sends my brain into straight  bamboozle mode BUT it is a genius ruse because it the scariness lures me in simply because my eyes have never seen anything or anyone quite like this before. This should be defined as Reality Trainwreck Syndrom or RTS.

Flipper is out of control. When he smashed the glass on his forehead and was spitting out blood as he was shouting like a raving lunatic I felt like I needed to call 911. Of course I am well aware that I am not watching live television but that was the feeling that came over me. HELP.. I am witnessing a potential crime go down. I am shocked that he did not harm anyone during that tirade.  I am so glad that the threat of embarrassment over being kicked off the show was enough to make give Daisy finger and leave the show because he would have ended up either killing himself or someone else.


You would think that the other men would be angels in comparison to the hot mess previously described but sadly that is not the case….

For starters there is a dude who introduced himself to Daisy as having a 6 gauge Prince Albert piercing. For those of you who might not know what that is please Google it because I’m not even going there on Nightly Candy tonight. Here is a pic to give you a hint though of what a Prince Albert is all about.

12That must be some monstrosity he is working with to have a 6 gauge piercing through his you know what.

As my girl Nina Flowers would say..

Aye Loca!!!!!

12 Pack from I Love New York and I Love Money is in this mix of men. Wasn’t it already established that he was totally gay on the previous VH1 reality shows he has been on? I wonder how his man Heat is dealing with the fact his under cover lover is looking for “love” the another lady?

04In addition to being totally gross he does this weird thing with his nose just like my cat Nora used to do which totally grossed me out.

Why Ricki Rackman on the show? I am not sure what his role is exactly?  Daisy of Love is not deep show that a second party analysis is needed. It is not that type of show.  I am not sure how he weaseled his way through negotiations with VH1 to even be on the show but it is just down right  embarrassing.

02Was it not enough that he has a recurring role on Charm School?

The only saving grace to this show is the man Daisy has nicknamed “Fox”. True to form he surely is a fox. He’s like a younger Punk’ed out Benjamin Bratt.

foxCaliente!! Rock On Fox!

Unfortunately Fox’s dashing good looks are not enough to atone for the sins of the unattractive other men.

I have no idea what Abrego and Cronin have in store for us with this show but I guarantee it will leave us will our mouths WIDE OPEN.

Stay Tuned for More Sweet Treats!

Night Night