Paula’s Pathetic Performance

Posted on May 7, 2009


Evening Sweeties



OH.. but SHE DID!

Paula… Paula… Paula.. had the AUDACITY to LIP SYNC her debut performance on American Idol last night!

For years Paula has criticized thousands of contestants on American Idol calling their performances “pitchy” and “not the right song choice” so what does she do when she is given the opportunity to show the contestants how a real “pro” in the music industry performs?

She LIP SYNCS her way through it.

The only time when we heard Paula’s voice during the whole dance number was at the very end when she says (not sings) “Gentlemen I’m just here for the music.”

She had the nerve to not actually sing on a show that is based on LIVE performance and real vocal ability. If Paula is telling the truth when she says she has never been drunk, then she most definitely is high as a kite on a number of perception drugs if she thought this debacle would not go unnoticed. 

Paula Abdul is a great dancer and a fantastic choreographer. One of the most amazing scenes in cinematic history (in my opinion) is the dance scene from the movie Coming To America. I will forever love that movie and that dance scene was simply breath-taking and one of Paula’s best achievements.

 I just can’t fathom what possessed her to open herself up to be the butt of many jokes and endless amounts of criticism? Perhaps it is a stupid publicity scheme and an attempt to sell more CD’s. I don’t see how that could be possible because the 80’s was the last time I remember it being popular to listen to that mechanical robotic overly mixed vocal. Her voice (on the CD that was playing backstage) last night reminded me of one of my favorite groups from that era Zapp and Roger. Remember those guys? Zapp used a custom made  talk box called the the Electro Harmonix aka “Golden Throat”. That sounded cool and innovative back then and I can appreciate it for those times. 

Although they like to play around with their voices Zapp and Roger could put the talk-box down and actually sing with their real voices. That the major difference between them and Abdul.

Poor Paula. Although it wasn’t the best decision to perform on Idol I feel a bit  bad for her. I only read a couple of the reviews and of course they tore her to bits.

I can’t even imagine how she feels. On second thought she probably doesn’t  feel much of anything. I’ve read that ‘s a side effect from pill popping. Egads that makes me feel even worse for her.

Well at least she does look FABULOUS on stage! That’s got to count for a little something.


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