Happy Mother’s Day from Nightly Candy and Justin Timberlake

Posted on May 11, 2009


Evening Sweeties

 Happy Mother’s Day to all of the hardworking, loving MOTHERS of the world. If the role of  mother was on a job on an executive  payroll it should be the most highest paid on the planet. I make sure to tell my Mother regularly how much I love and appreciate her. It is silly to wait for one day in May to shower your Mother with love. 

I tip my hat to the good Mothers of this world because it is a role that is unparalleled to any other.

 My heart just sinks when I see those Mothers who swear at their children in the beauty parlor, or the ones who struggle to lift a heavy baby in a  stroller up the stairs on the subway all by themselves , I thank the heavens above that I don’t have children yet. It is something that I believe a woman has to be ready to commit to emotionally, spiritually and FOR LIFE! This most precious commitment should only be made when a woman is truly ready.  OMGoodness writing that just makes me want to run and out now and shower my Momma with hugs,kisses, and adoration!

I suggest if you are blessed to have your mother in your life do the same!

On a comedic note if you missed SNL on Saturday (which I did.. thank goodness for HULU) Justin Timberlake did it again with another hilarious Digital Short. I’m telling you that Justin’s true calling is to be a cast member on that show. He is the breath of much needed fresh air for that cast. Here is his second collaboration with Andy Samberg called Mother Lover. 

Have a Sweet Mother’s Day  Evening from Nightly Candy!!




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