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Posted on May 12, 2009


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Nightly Candy’s DVD Pick for May: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

As much as I love Brad Pitt I couldn’t get myself to the theater to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. To be honest I am a “wait until the movie comes of out DVD” type of gal . I have also been guilty of watching a pirated film or two in my day. Don’t judge me; when you live in NYC and on every corner there are people selling the movies that are all the buzz in Hollywood but haven’t made it to the theater yet it is pretty tempting when you can watch these unreleased films in the comfort of your home for 5 bucks. I didn’t want to take the chance with a bootleg for this movie though because most of the time the bootlegs have bad lighting. I couldn’t take a chance on not seeing all of BP’s beauty so I rented the DVD.

First of all as a self proclaimed coniseur of film I must say this is one of the best films of 2008 I know that Slumdog Millionaire got most of the praise at the Oscars but to be honest it was a little bit of hype in my opinion. The entire cast of TCCBB gave Oscar worthy performances. Taraji Henson who played Queenie Brad’s Mother gave an amazing performance.


First of all major kudos for her making us all believe she was Brad’s mother because I know it must have been sooo difficult to have not wanted to completely forget her role and jump all over Brad. I know if it were me I would have needed a couple hundred takes to pull my composure together to stick to the script. 

Tilda Swinton who is one of my favorite British actresses had a very small but  significant part in this film. She played the first woman who ever kissed Benjamin.


Even though Brad looked about 75 when he met Tilda’s character Elizabeth Abbott he was still so sexy and the cat’s meooooooowww. Throughout the movie I had to ask myself several times, “is Brad even real?”  How is it possible for an actor to be so talented and so gorgeous?

bpittImage: Lisa Rose/JPI

I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life. What an enigma.

Okay… Brad’s gorgeous looks aside his performance in this film was remarkable. The movie was almost three hours but I never ONCE looked at the clock. I was totally engrossed in the whole experience. The acting, the cinematography, the make-up, the set design it was all just breath taking. Not only is Brad simply mouth-watering to look at ; he made me believe he made me believe he was Benjamin Button. The movie is based on a work of fiction by F. Scott Fitzgerabld by the same title. For these actors to bring this tale of fiction to life in this century is a testament to their skills as actors. From the minute Benjamin comes on the screen I was captivated and was committed to his story until the very end. 

Cate Blanchette was also solid in her role as Daisy. She didn’t have as many lines as BP but her presence in the film was so strong. From the minute they as children they formed a bond and a love that grew between them until the end of their lives.

wow..i want to trade places with Cate

Ahhhh is that not the most romantic thing you have EVER heard in your life? I am a hopeless romantic and truly believe that love like that truly  exists in real life and not just on film.

Love wasn’t the only message in this movie. Life and appreciating it to the fullest was the most important lesson. Throughout the movie life and death was the re-occurring theme. From the opening scene we are introduced to Daisy (Cate Blanchett) on her death bed. From that scene until the end of the movie several characters that make an impact on Benjamin loose their lives.  The message that I took away from this was :everyone is blessed to have people impact their lives in some way shape or form and it is important to appreciate those people while they live because the statement life is too short couldn’t be more true.

This is the type of movie that influences people which is why I still am perplexed that the  idotic movie Marley & Me with Maniston did better at the box office. I suppose that sometimes people can’t deal with movies with a core and substance and would rather take their children to see a movie about a dog rather than to watch a beautiful story about love and life.

That’s cool they can leave the good movies for the people that can handle it.

It totally makes perfect sense why Brad left that woman.

I highly recommend it and Nightly Candy gives Brad and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

 5 Candy Hearts! 


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