Who Exactly is to Blame for the Video Blame It (on the Alcohol)??

Posted on May 18, 2009


Evening Sweeties

I’m Not HATIN’….. I’m Just SAYIN’

 I am not going to get on my soapbox and give a scathing critical analysis of  urban culture because quite frankly Nightly Candy is not the venue and besides tonight is reggae night at my favorite spot and I’ve got to get my outfit together. 

Jamie Foxx isn’t the first musician (I shouldn’t refer to him as that) to sing about drinking and exploiting women unfortunately this has been an acceptable norm in pop culture.  The T- bone I have to pick is with the video for Blame It (on the Alcohol). Have you all seen it? It just doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever. The video is as disjointed as the song.

It has the makings of an SNL Digital Short.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Ron Howard, Quincy Jones, Forrest Whittaker, Samuel L. Jackson getting drunk together at some VIP club in the Hollywood Hills was a recipe for things that make you go…. hmmm? 

(remember C & C Music Factory Y’all? For those who don’t here is a quick digression for ya)

Poor Ron Howard. I am sure somehow he was contractually obligated to appear in the video for 30 seconds and he just didn’t look happy to be there.  Samuel L. Jackson sitting in between too big breasted blinged out babes, the random girl with down syndrome dancing, Jack Gyllenhaal looking like he is thinking to himself “when is this shoot over?? I need to go bike riding with Reese”, Tatiana Ali?? 


I just didn’t get it.

I guess we do really have to blame it on the alcohol because  falling down on your face drunk is the only reason I can deduce that this spectacle of a song and video was created.

Actually it’s more likely that Greygoose, Pitron and all the other alcoholic brands that were shamelessly dropped in this song were the benefactors of this tune.

I will never understand how alcohol abuse is such a leading cause of death but yet it is so widely endorsed to make it look like the coolest thing in the world. It certainly is the truth that money makes the world go around. 

Night Night