John Mayer……There Are No More Words.

Posted on May 19, 2009


Evening Sweeties

I just didn’t think it was possible for John Mayer to sink into a further abyss of douchebaggery.

It seemed to be an unfathomable feat BUT he has actually done it. 

mayerkisses1Image: Pacific Coast News

How I wish John Mayer could just play that guitar and sing.

 No talking..

no laughing..

no Mayer Cruises

no Twittering

Just wake up



and play the guitar.

That’s it! He should be stripped of any and all other rights.

 I wonder if he put on the lipstick himself in the bathroom or he had his bald headed assistant do it for him? 

hmmm my bet is that he made that dude do it.

Did you see that pathetic chick in the grey trying to get her 5 seconds of fame as John looked right through her as though she didn’t exist. 


My eyes rolled so far in my head I didn’t think they would come back to their regular place. 

Whew…thank goodness they did.

I can’t look or listen to Mayer anymore unless that guitar is strapped to his back and there is a microphone in his hand. 

I hope the media follows suit.


Night Night



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