Leave Brad and Angie ALONE Already!

Posted on May 22, 2009


Evening Sweeties

I am well aware that one of the byproducts of fame is that everyone is in your business. I understand that magazines have to sell stories but it’s getting a bit out of control. 

lvbrad&angiealoneImage: Elias Tahan

 I am a FAN about both Angelina and Brad. I’m a sucker for beautiful faces and stellar acting chops. Brad and Angie have both of these outstanding qualities which is why they have millions of fans and HATERS.  So- called journalists in the media are obsessed with hating Brangelina and lately they’ve sunk to some pretty LOW levels. 

People Magazine, Star, The Enquirer, US Weekly, The NY Post, and the most annoying of all blogger and  “award winning journalist” (LMAO) Ian Halperin from Ianundercover.com have recently printed stories about the alleged crumbling of Brad and Angies relationship. I know that these publications are far from reputable however there are still millions of people who are under the impression that they are. I still don’t understand  how these people get away with writing stories/blog post based on information from “undisclosed sources”. When I write stories for the publications that I work for I make sure to check and re-check my facts before I even think about submitting to my editor. 

A couple of days ago I read in one of these trash publications that Angelina was thinking about suicide after a fight she had with Brad.

According to a source close to Angie, the Oscar winning actress started writing a suicide note.“Things have not been good,” the source said.  “A couple weeks ago they had a massive argument.  Angelina threatened to kill herself over it.  It was very ugly.  I have never seen her look so frail and desperate.  The kids were within earshot. 

“According to a source close to Angie” ????  That’s a pretty déclassé move.  To expose such a serious thing without siting a credible source about a mother of small children is just plain wretched in my opinion. 

My goodness the price of fame is steep. Not only is the paparazzi in your face constantly, journalists making up stories about you, and former staff employees threaten to write tell-all books. 

bradandgiebodygaurdImage: Associated Press

On April 26, The New York Daily News reported that their offices had received a proposal for a tell-all book and TV show based on Mickey Brett’s work as a bodyguard to Brangelina.

Mickey Brett was pissed off when he was fired in 2008. Although Mickey looks like he doesn’t play, I still wouldn’t mess with Angelina.

Marty Singer (Legal genius for Brangelina) told the Daily News that Brett is a “pathological liar” . In 2006 when Brett was with the Jolie-Pitts in India he was arrested for choking a photographer and allegedly hurling racial slurs at a couple who were minding their own business picking up their children from school.

No wonder why Brad and Angie gave him the axe

 Now he has an axe to grind. 

 Fame most certainly is intense but obviously the negative doesn’t outweigh the positive.  If any two people are strong enough to deal it would be Brangelina. 


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