What Happened to Reality TV??

Posted on May 27, 2009


Evening Sweeties

Reality TV has been giving me the major ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ’s lately!

What’s up with that? The shows just aren’t doing it for me these days. It seems like since Housewives of Atlanta went off the air there is nothing on that tube that gives me a good case of  the “Oh No She Didn’ts”

 When I’m working on designs I like to have either one of two things on in the background 1) music or 2) mindless but entertaining television. I decided to give my Ipod a rest and clicked through over 400 channels to try and find something void of intellect that could tickle my funny bone. I can’t watch anything informative or critical while I’m sketching because I need to focus my brain on what I’m doing. That is why REALITY TV is so perfect because you’re brain can be on total auto-pilot! 

 After my fingers were numb from clicking on the remote I finally settled on the E channel because there was only  15 minutes left of  The Kardashians (GASP!!)  I thought that 15 minutes couldn’t possibly be that bad (because it was more  like 8 or 9 minutes minus the commercials). I should have never turned the channel to E ! Why Lord Why did I do it?  My eyes were rolling so much during those 15 minutes I gave myself a major headache. The clip I watched in agony was Kim having a rich girl fit over her sister borrowing clothes from her infinite closet full of expensive designer things that she had NEVER worn before. I can’t believe that I was supposed to be entertained by that. Watching spoiled brats fight about clothes, and talk about their cellulite is NOT my idea of entertainment. Mindless YES… ENTERTAINING…..I think not.


I did have high hopes for New York Goes to Work. Even though it’s produced by Chris Abrego and Mark Cronin the duo who is responsible for such salacious smut as Rock of Love, Real Chance of Love, and a host of others. It was almost unfathomable to believe that they were producing a show with Tiffany Pollard that didn’t involve bodily secretions and fluids. I just had to check it out because of that. I must admit the first episode was amusing watching New York scream at the top of her lungs as she struggles to do jobs that “America” chose for her. I had some hopes for this show but unfortunately the second and third episodes are pretty uneventful and boring. It is just New York screaming, cussing, and flailing about. It got old real quick. I’m not mad at her for making her money BUT is it kosher to give her a check 10,000 dollars (whether it is real of fake) in the faces of these hard worker people whose annual salary is probably just around that amount after taxes? I could see one of those pig farmers wanting to strangle her by the strands of her wig out of sheer jealously and anger. Now that would be some entertainment right there! I’m kidding (I don’t condone violence ) but seriously I just find it to be in poor taste for VH1 to go there but then again (poor taste) is what defines VH1.

This montage was actually funnier than the second and third episodes which is a sad state of affairs.

Another show I thought was going to be full of  laughs for days was the  The Cougar!

I can get through the show but “getting through it”  is not the appropriate reaction to a reality TV show. You just “get through” going to the yearly visit to the Gyno.  This show is just missing that WOW factor. The dudes are just not cute enough to make me want to care. I would have hoped that Vivica Fox could have brought at least a slight comedic element to the show but those hopes were dashed. She barely is on the screen. The person who came up with the idea for  “the kiss off” should be thrown in jail for crimes against humanity. It is just WRONG!

WARNING: This clip may induce vomiting.

Am I just going to have to wait until Housewives of Atlanta season II? I’m not even going to hold my breath on that one because with Bravo they could totally turn a fabulous season 1 into season two trash. Let me not be a total Debbie Downer perhaps they will surprise us all.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed. 

Nighty Night