Angie’s Gonna Be Fine

Posted on May 29, 2009


Evening Sweeties

It is SOOOOO good to be back on the blog tonight! Last night I was having some technical difficulties and I felt a bit like Linus without his blanket.


After hours of being on the phone talking with my web hosting company I just felt like crawling into the fetal position BUT then the Internet Gods sent down a blessing and the candy shop is back in business!


Although NC was temporarily out to lunch that didn’t stop me from reading up on the daily dish! Of course I was shocked to hear the news about Angelina!  


All right this movie Salt better be the next big blockbuster because our Angie got all banged up doing her own stunts.  I know she is an authentic actress and the idea of using a stunt double is so déclassé to but I wish she would nix scaling over large buildings doing death defying stunts on her own. Not only will it risk putting a scratch on that gorgeous mug but what would Brad and the babies ever do if God forbid anything happen to you? I shudder to think. 

With all the respect in the world my dear Angelina you’ve seriously got to chill.

The movie’s production company released this statement: “This morning while filming an action sequence… Angelina Jolie sustained a minor injury. As a precautionary measure, Ms. Jolie will be taken to the hospital and examined. Production on the film has resumed.”

Nightly Candy wishes our dearest Angelina a rapid recovery!

Nighty Night